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Why is this bill so high?

  • In February, an extended stretch of extreme cold temperatures across the U.S. slowed the production of energy across the nation. This led to rolling blackouts for millions of people.
  • This extreme cold caused heating systems of all kinds to run at full capacity.
  • Typically, Oklahoma’s heating systems are made to run efficiently at 30 to 40 degrees. The temperatures we experienced reached -12 degrees and remained below freezing for an extended amount of time.

I can’t pay the full bill at this time, what can I do?

  • We are here to help however we can. We are offering flexible payment arrangements for those who need it.
  • Simply call (405) 321-2024 or your My OEC mobile app to speak with our member services team.
  • Those needing financial assistance may call 211 or visit
  • Request a free Home Energy Consultation to make my home more efficient.

How much of an increase should I anticipate?

  • Most members, IF they experience an increase, should experience bills that are $50 to $100 higher.

Why was Winter Storm Uri Unprecedented?

The extreme cold stretched across the contiguous United States with the coldest temperatures affecting all 14 states in the Southwest Power Pool’s (SPP) balancing authority area, including Oklahoma. For a more detailed description of the events that occurred, click here.




Winter Storm Uri Summary of Events