White-Glove Service

OEC Fiber provides five-star support for subscribers

We expect to see certain things when we walk into a five-star resort. Floors polished to such a high shine we can see our reflection. Large intricately carved wooden welcome desks. Being greeted with a smile and given the royal treatment. We expect our needs to be met. That is the white-glove service OEC Fiber strives to provide to our subscribers.

“We really listen and hear what our members have to say, and we respond quickly,” said one OEC Fiber member service associate.

Providing exceptional customer service is a cornerstone of OEC Fiber. Going above and beyond for our subscribers is the standard. Whether a large corporation or a single individual in a home, taking care of each subscriber is our top priority.

While most companies send callers to different representatives to answer questions, OEC and OEC Fiber do our best to answer them in one place. Our highly skilled member service associates handle billing questions for both electric and fiber services. From the time a service request is received, this team walks subscribers through every step of the process to ensure the subscriber is fully informed and receives the best service.

This is just as true for businesses as it is for individuals. Business subscribers often face unique challenges when setting up their networks. That is why OEC Fiber has a dedicated business team to address their needs.

“It’s about ensuring that business is set up for success,” said OEC Fiber Manager of Business and Sales Development Michelle Hohlier. “It’s not about us. It’s about our membership, and we make decisions with that in mind.”

No two businesses are alike. This team works with them to help build the package best suited to fit their needs. From a variety of phone configurations and features to working with local IT professionals to help ensure their services are maximized, we work tirelessly to ensure each business has everything it needs to get the job done.

The fantastic service provided by the Member Service and Business teams does not stop once the service has begun. OEC Fiber’s Subscriber Support Team is available 24/7 to ensure subscribers stay connected.

“Our team makes use of different diagnostic tools to deep dive into each [issue] that crosses our desks,” said OEC Fiber Supervisor of Subscriber Support David Madden.

This in-house group of experts troubleshoots everything from poor internet speeds to dodgy TV signals. They walk side by side with subscribers to identify the root cause of an issue and correct it as quickly as possible. If they cannot resolve the issue over the phone, a technician is scheduled to make an on-site visit. They replace faulty equipment, demonstrate best practices and do all they can to ensure the subscriber’s service is top-notch before leaving.

“We go above and beyond to assist subscribers,” Madden said. “We educate them about their devices and work with the fiber control room to proactively identify single and multi-user outages to minimize downtime.”

OEC Fiber’s strong dedication to subscriber satisfaction has already led to a customer service award. In March of this year, we were voted Best of the Best in Customer Service by The Norman Transcript. This is a direct result of all departments working together at OEC to provide excellent care and support to all subscribers.

Subscribers are more than just an account number. With OEC Fiber, you are a valued part of the community we love to serve. Our mission statement says it all.

“Our purpose is to improve our subscribers’ quality of life through the safe delivery of highly reliable, reasonably priced fiber services and exceptional customer service.”

“The core values of OEC are the foundation of OEC Fiber,” said OEC Fiber Supervisor of Business Development Jamie Wade. “Think about where the co-ops started. You couldn’t modernize rural America without electricity. You can’t modernize today without the internet.”

Taking care of subscribers is what OEC Fiber does. The white-glove service we provide is a standard we are proud to set and uphold every day.

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