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Discover the Importance of Proper Tree Planting for Safety and Energy Savings

Planting the right tree in the right place can significantly impact homeowners’ energy savings. Studies have shown that a single tree, when planted in the proper location, can save up to 20 percent on energy costs. This means that not only do trees provide aesthetic benefits to our communities, but they also have a tangible impact on our wallets and the environment.

However, planting is easier said than done. Considering factors such as proximity to power lines or the potential for root damage to nearby structures is critical to your trees’ health and safety. For tips on planting your trees in the right place, go to okcoop. org/tree-trimming-and- vegetation-management/

As a cooperative committed to providing safe and reliable energy to our members, OEC recognizes the importance of proper vegetation management practices. We have two arborists on staff to assess the health and safety of trees near power lines, and we use herbicides to control the growth of trees and other vegetation that could interfere with power lines. This not only helps to prevent power outages and ensure public safety, but it also helps to promote the growth of healthy, energy saving trees in the right places.

By working to maintain a clear right-of-way for power lines, we are also promoting the planting of new trees in in appropriate locations through our annual Energy-Saving Trees giveaway. This not only helps to prevent the need for costly and potentially dangerous pruning or removal of trees in the future, but it also maximizes the energy- saving benefits of trees for homeowners.

Planting the right tree in the right place is essential for maximizing trees’ energy saving benefits. We play a vital role in promoting proper vegetation management practices to ensure trees are planted and maintained in appropriate locations. By working together to promote healthy trees and a healthy environment, we can all benefit from the many benefits trees provide. Happy planting!

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