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Trust between customers and businesses is hard to come by, especially in today’s ever-evolving marketplace. Many industries face this difference, even cooperatives, but what makes the difference?

The cooperative business model values the trust our members place in us above all else. The way we achieve trust is a recipe of seven values with which we move forward. Our trust recipe includes core values of transparency, honesty, equity, inclusiveness and service to the community.

Transparency is, in and of itself, one of the most essential ingredients in our recipe. It is more than a positive outcome of good management; it is the lifeblood of an engaged and satisfied membership. It is why we continue to provide published and easily accessible information about our operations to the membership. Members can find most information on our website.

Learn more about your cooperative by reading our six information spotlights.

1. What is means to be a cooperative. We often discuss what it means to be a cooperative, something we call the cooperative difference. You can learn more about our dedication to being a good corporate neighbor to the communities that make up our service territories at and by scrolling down to the section titled The Cooperative Difference.

2. Your board representative. A locally elected board trustee represents every OEC member. Each serves a three-year term. Each member has an equal voice in co-op matters, including those who represent them on our board. Our trustees are selected and voted for by you, our members. You can learn what districts each trustee represents and their contact information at

3. What makes up your energy. As reported in our article titled Solar Vision last month, alternative energy sources are rising. While oil and gas remain the base of energy generation, our wholesale power provider, Western Farmers Electric Cooperative, maintains a balanced and diverse mix of energy generation. Members can find an explanation of WFEC’s generation practices and percentages of your energy mix at You can also find renewable energy mix percentages in our WFEC section on page 13 of the Co-op News. This information is published every month in this magazine.

4. Explaining your energy costs. Throughout the year, energy bills and their fluctuations are often a concern for members, especially in times of high bills like winter and summer. More often than not, the cost adjustment section of your bill can explain noticeable higher costs, but what is a cost adjustment? You can learn more about the cost adjustment, why it fluctuates and who is affected at Members can also track their electricity usage in your MyOEC app under the settings and usage option.

5. Our Bylaws.

The rules and regulations by which OEC operates, or bylaws, are approved and voted on by you, our members. These bylaws can be found on our about us page on our website or at

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