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STEMulating rural classrooms: science kits energize curriculm

OEC’s nationally-award-winning, hands-on educational curriculum, Get Charged!, does just that while meeting Oklahoma state science standards in electricity or energy for grades Kindergarten through fifth.

Designed through careful research and with input from several area teachers, the curriculum is interdisciplinary and fun. OEC Education and Outreach Programs Director Tory Tedder-Loffland has led the classroom program for five years and is gearing up for another year of educating the next generation about the amazing world of energy.

Teachers can check out a fully stocked kit and lesson plan for their classroom or schedule a visit by Tedder-Loffland to facilitate the lesson in the classroom.

“Get Charged! includes more than just electricity education,” said Deborah Phillips of Dryden School of Advanced Academics. “It also involves learning a little history and is a great program for homeschool lessons as well. The kit is packed with so much material, I am finding it useful for some experiments beyond what it is designed for.”

Full curriculums, teacher’s guides, kits and videos are available free of charge for Kindergarten through fifth grades. The kit includes projects and experiments focused on the components of electricity, and the teacher’s guide and folder have everything the teacher needs to facilitate a lesson.

“As part of the most popular experiment, the students learn about circuits, conductors and insulators,” Tedder-Loffland said. “They draw a schematic of the circuit they are constructing, which powers a small light bulb. Later, that circuit operates a telegraph the students use to communicate using Morse Code.”

“We are doing every experiment and adding them as lab assignments to [one of our home schooler’s] science class.”

Contact Tory Tedder-Loffland, (405) 217-6726 or for more information and visit to explore all the programs offered to youth in OEC’s service area and to reserve a Get Charged! kit for your classroom.

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