OEC Fiber: Meet (some of) the Team

Written by Brittnee McCabe

On last week’s podcast, Autumn McMahon had the great opportunity to sit down (virtually) with a few members of our OEC Fiber Team. David Goodspeed, CEO of OEC Fiber, Creative Director Kayla Brandt, and Manager of Plant Construction Joe Torres spoke candidly about their passion of their work and their funniest memories.

The team shared heartwarming stories about building OEC Fiber, talked briefly about the task of taking high-speed internet where no one else will, and left us with some key take-aways about the OEC Fiber difference.

“We wanted to do OEC Fiber differently. We wanted the process to be different and we wanted to treat people differently. We sort of were like Baker Mayfield when he planted the flag on the field. We said that we were here, and we were going to change how we are accessible,” said Goodspeed. “Everyone who signs up for services receives a card from me about a week later and I tell them that if they have any questions or problems, that they can reach out directly to me. No one else will offer the product or service that we provide to our members. Everyone on our team cares so much and sometimes we never take a day off because we want to help everyone.”

For Torres, it is the team unity that makes the difference.

“I work with amazing people at an amazing company. We have so much unity and we are all supporting the same idea, which is helping people.” Joe is originally from Lexington, Oklahoma, and loves how OEC Fiber is growing to reach our rural communities to bring them the best internet they deserve. “I think what we are doing here is great because we are helping so many people, especially in rural areas here in Oklahoma. We are changing lives, even though it’s only with high-speed internet and I’m glad I get to be a part of it. Not only are we good, but we are always improving.”

Brandt underscored the exceptional customer service of OEC Fiber.“With OEC Fiber, we strive to be accessible to everyone and have someone on the line immediately who knows what is going on, who cares, and is local and wants to provide the best service possible. We have had subscribers who have written us that they loved our call center and our team. They always felt like they had a great experience with contacting us and how easy it was to get questions answered or get their problems fixed…we all pride ourselves with going above and beyond. We are small but we are mighty. We push the boundaries every day with what is possible with OEC Fiber”.

To learn more and listen to the latest episode of The Current Buzz here: www.okcoop.org/the-current-buzz-podcast.


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