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Navigating the new era of software-defined vehicles

The rapidly evolving world of electric vehicles (EVs), the technology behind them continues to evolve at a rapid pace. One of the most significant advancements in this field is Over- The-Air (OTA) updates. Understanding their impact on your EV experience and how OEC Fiber can play a pivotal role in enhancing these updates is crucial.


OTA updates are digital downloads automatically installing new software into your EV, often while you’re asleep. These updates cover everything from turn signal timing to autonomous driving capabilities and are crucial for improving vehicle performance and safety features. These updates become even more significant as the automotive industry shifts towards software-defined vehicles.

While OTA updates offer convenience, they also pose cybersecurity risks. Ensuring that these updates come from a trusted source is paramount. Companies like BlackBerry and Cisco are leading the way in securing OTA updates, using digital signatures to authenticate the source and segmenting systems within the vehicle to prevent unauthorized access.


OTA updates bring immense benefits, enhancing core driving functions and infotainment systems. They allow continuous improvement based on real-world data, offering updates in everything from EV battery management to advanced safety features. This ongoing service model transforms the relationship between automakers and vehicle owners, ensuring your car improves over time.


However, there are challenges. The risk of dependency on constant updates, software incompatibility with older models, and the potential for incomplete or malfunctioning updates are real concerns. Nevertheless, industry experts are optimistic about overcoming these hurdles, focusing on delivering a continuously evolving and improving vehicle experience.


Reliable internet connectivity has become crucial for modern vehicles due to the increasing importance of OTA updates. OEC Fiber’s high-speed internet is a game-changer in this regard. With fast and dependable internet, your electric vehicle can receive these updates promptly and securely, enhancing your vehicle’s functionality and security.

It’s not just about fast internet; it’s about transforming your EV experience. OEC Fiber offers Home 100 and Home Gig, which provide 100 or 1,000 Mbps upload and download speeds, respectively. With these plans, you can be sure that the latest software updates are downloaded and installed seamlessly, providing reliable OTA updates for your electric vehicle.


Charging your EV at home, especially overnight, can lead to significant cost savings. OEC’s EV rate offers lower charges for nighttime electricity use, making it more economical than public charging stations. Learn more about OEC’s EV rate at okcoop. org/ev-rate. Moreover, the convenience of home charging and the lack of tailpipe emissions add to the benefits of using OEC Fiber’s services.

As OTA updates become more frequent and integral to the EV experience, the role of efficient internet connectivity, like that provided by OEC Fiber, becomes increasingly significant. These updates ensure that your vehicle stays up to date with the latest technology and contribute to a more sustainable and efficient driving experience.

OTA updates are reshaping the future of electric vehicles, making them more adaptable, secure, and efficient. With OEC Fiber’s high-speed internet service, receiving these updates becomes seamless, ensuring that your EV retains at the forefront of automotive innovation.

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One Tree At a Time | OEC News

Learn how to strategically place trees for energy savings with tips from OEC, one of the only two certified Tree Line USA Utility electric cooperatives in Oklahoma. Since 2016, more than 1,200 free trees have been given away. Find out how you can take part!

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A Moment of Gratitude | OEC News

Thank you to the unsung heroes of OEC Fiber

Ebony skies pour water onto the heads of crews pulling fiber optic cable across a windswept landscape. Long into the night, they work to restore service to damaged areas after the storm. These are the unsung heroes behind OEC Fiber.

These lineworkers are a highly skilled group of individuals dedicated to the idea that they are making lives better for their community. With over 133 years of experience between them, they are the backbone of the rural broadband revolution.

“I am constantly impressed by our crew’s exceptional work,” said Joe Torres, senior manager of outside plant and fiber technicians. “Their dedication to quality and attention to detail speaks to the pride they take in their work. They are the engine that keeps everything running.”

In honor of National Lineworker Appreciation Day, we pause to thank this hard-working group of individuals that keep us all connected. Much of what they do goes without recognition or reward. Day in and day out, they are the ones in the trenches. They climb the poles in harsh conditions so we can have the high-quality service we rely on. It is back-breaking work, and we do not thank them enough.

So on behalf of all OEC Fiber subscribers, we say “thank you.” Thank you for the long hours in all manner of weather. Thank you for doing the work few are willing to do so we can have what we need for work, school and play online. You are the best of us. We would not be where we are without you.

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One Tree At a Time | OEC News

Learn how to strategically place trees for energy savings with tips from OEC, one of the only two certified Tree Line USA Utility electric cooperatives in Oklahoma. Since 2016, more than 1,200 free trees have been given away. Find out how you can take part!

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Approaching the Speed Limit | OEC News

Find the best internet speed for you

20 Mbps. 100 Mbps. 1 GB. These internet speeds mean little to most people. So how do we know the speed we need?

We measure internet speeds in megabits per second or Mbps. 1 Mbps represents the capacity to transfer one million bits of data each second. 1 Mbps is equal to one small photo. A gigabyte, GB, contains 1000 Mbps or 1000 photos.

Figuring out the speed you need is tricky. Most major streaming platforms, YouTube, Netflix and Hulu, only require 5 Mbps to stream a high-definition movie, but a slower internet speed is not enough to do everything you need. Slower speeds only work if you have one device connected at a time.

Deloitte’s Connectivity & Mobile Trends 2021 Survey found that the average U.S. household has 25 connected devices, more than double the 11 reported in their 2019 survey. This includes laptops, tablets, smartphones, streaming devices and smart home devices.

“One of the things we look at when people call our office to report low speeds is the number of devices connected to their network,” said senior manager of fiber marketing and subscriber support, Kayla Wade. “Too many devices can negatively impact their bandwidth and slow down their Wi-Fi.”

Every device connected to your network takes away from your bandwidth or the volume of information sent over a connection at one time. The more you ask your internet connection to do, i.e., the more connected devices, the more bandwidth you need.

How do you know what speed you need in your home? Look at how you are going to use it. A general rule of thumb is to see how many devices you use simultaneously. 100 Mbps can typically stream HD video on up to five devices. 1 GB can handle up to 10 while maintaining HD status.

However, this is not a hard, fast rule. Some activities, like live-streaming video games, use more bandwidth than scrolling through social media on your phone. When in doubt, go with a higher speed. Nothing is more frustrating than watching a TV show buffer for the 10th time.

Understanding the Wi-Fi speed required to properly run a business is a bit more complicated.

Commercial subscribers face several challenges residential subscribers do not. Businesses often use cloud-based software, security cameras and Zoom meetings with remote workers. All these factors impact the required speeds and bandwidth needed to function.

It is more than back-end office processes demanding internet access. If a small business needs Wi-Fi to process payments through its point of sale, buffering and slow speeds can result in money lost. Working with a provider who understands your needs and ensures you have the speed you need is essential.

“Our team spends time getting to know our business partners,” said senior manager of sales and business development, Michelle Hohlier. “They all have their own unique service needs. By getting to know them, we can ensure they have the exact services they need.”

Whether in the home or the marketplace, finding the speed best for you and your needs is important. Look at the things you do and find a speed that can support the activities you value most.

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One Tree At a Time | OEC News

Learn how to strategically place trees for energy savings with tips from OEC, one of the only two certified Tree Line USA Utility electric cooperatives in Oklahoma. Since 2016, more than 1,200 free trees have been given away. Find out how you can take part!

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Safer Surfing | OEC News

How to keep you and your information secure online

Cyber security is more critical now than ever. Stories of data breaches and compromised logins splash across the headlines regularly.

“At OEC Fiber, we value our subscribers’ security and online safety above all else,” said David Goodspeed, president of OEC Fiber. “We actively monitor for threats and do our best to block them before they gain access to the network. We want everyone to feel safe online, and educating our subscribers on what to do is part of that.”

Ready to make sure you stay secure when browsing online? A few preventive measures can help protect you against cyber threats before they strike!


Hackers love it when we get lazy with our passwords.

According to, 70% of people use the same password on more than one online account. While it may make them easier to remember, using the same password on multiple logins gives hackers more access to your sensitive data. Use a unique password for each account to help keep them secure.

While having multiple, unique passwords is ideal, remembering all of them can be difficult. Using a password manager such as LastPass, BitWarden or 1PAssword can be an excellent solution for remembering unique, secure passwords for every site. Password managers allow you to store all your passwords in one secure vault and automatically fill in your login information on each website with just one click. Not only that, but they also help protect against malicious hackers by preventing brute-force attacks and other cybercriminal techniques used to glean user data.

Remember, two-step authentication! Have a code sent to your email or phone; some services may have you answer a security question for an extra layer of protection. Two-step authentication will ensure only YOU can access your account and give you the heads up if someone else tries to get in.


“When it comes to your online safety, scammers are getting smarter all the time,” said OEC Fiber’s senior manager of technology services and network operations, Michael Tomas. “They can make malicious emails look nearly identical to the real thing. That’s why you should always double-check any email addresses or content for anything suspicious before clicking on a link.”

Stay vigilant. Look for strange punctuation, spelling mistakes and email addresses from odd domains. Why would Amazon be sending you something from a Gmail account? These are all signs of a scammer trying to get their hands on your data.


Stay connected to the people you care about while still practicing caution online. Social media is an excellent tool for communication and a source of entertainment. Still, only some people need access to our lives. 

“Don’t post everything online,” said David Madden, OEC Fiber’s supervisor of subscriber support. “Keep personal information private.”

From geo-tagging your vacation photos to live-tweeting an event, social media can be a great way to express yourself and document memories. But before you hit post, it is important to remember the potential danger of oversharing location information. You could tell unwelcome individuals where they can find or take advantage of you!

Limit the information in your profile. Even if the platform suggests it, try to leave any personal details off. When in doubt– keep it out; the fewer specifics you share online, the less likely someone can use that info for something nefarious.

Taking cyber security seriously is more important than ever. OEC Fiber is committed to doing all we can to keep you and your information safe. To learn more about online safety and the steps you can take to keep yourself safe online, visit to find more articles with online safety tips.

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One Tree At a Time | OEC News

Learn how to strategically place trees for energy savings with tips from OEC, one of the only two certified Tree Line USA Utility electric cooperatives in Oklahoma. Since 2016, more than 1,200 free trees have been given away. Find out how you can take part!

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Life at a Crossroads | OEC News

Fiber enables local shelter to better care for at-risk youth.

On Tecumseh Road in Norman, just off Interstate 35, hides a beacon of hope for children and teens in crisis. Crossroads Youth & Family Services offers a safe place to learn, grow and discover when a permanent home is unavailable.

“We are the only emergency shelter in Cleveland County,” said Executive Director Wendy Swatek.

Founded in 1969, Crossroads operates 33 other service agencies, additional shelters and services across the state. However, this eight-bed shelter is the only one Cleveland County has to offer for teens. Brightly colored, hand-painted murals and a warm, inviting atmosphere provide a sense of safety and security at a time when the young people within its walls need it most.

“The purpose of our shelter is kids have a place to stay until a permanent placement is found. Either in a foster home, an adoptive home or possibly a group home,” Swatek said.

This all-in-one facility houses a variety of spaces designed to give children and teens everything they need to thrive during a difficult time. Walking into the shared living space, it is not uncommon to see anime playing on the TV in one corner while someone plays a video game in another.

Teens have access to a full kitchen, art room and a resource closet where they shop for clothes, bedding and other essentials. A fullservice classroom sits on the far side of the shared space along a glass wall. Teachers from Norman Public Schools come here to keep the children’s education on track.

“Our shelter kids, it’s their home,” Swatek said. “They play here. They sleep here. They watch movies here. All the things you would do in your normal home. We have kiddos here that need all the support they can get, and we’re here providing a safe environment for them.”

To provide this support, Crossroads offers counseling and other family services designed to give children and families the best opportunity for success. They integrated the Head Start program, an income-based service for 0 to 5-year-olds, into their services in 2008. This program gives children a step up when they reach kindergarten.

“What’s unique about Head Start is that it’s a wrap-around service,” Swatek said. “Not only do we educate children in the classroom, but we also have family advocates that serve families as a whole. We goal set with families and help them find resources.”

With 200 to 250 kids coming through the shelter each year, the staffing and resources needed to ensure things run smoothly are hard to come by. With 275 employees serving over 1,050 kids in Head Start, staying on top of things is difficult. It is even harder when an unreliable internet connection hinders staff’s ability to access vital information.

“We use OEC Fiber because it’s the only service we found that works,” Swatek said. “When the internet works, our staff can print, get on their computers and do their intakes with their counseling clients. It’s really changed the way we’ve been able to do business.”

Staff are not the only ones affected by poor internet connection. Kids in the shelter are encouraged to engage in everyday activities like video games, streaming movies and YouTube. All of which require internet. Losing connectivity limits their options and can amplify feelings of ostracization during an already difficult time.

Due to the high-quality service OEC Fiber supplies, on-site safety at Crossroads has improved.

“We have cameras at our facility for safety purposes,” Swatek said. “There’s times we have to pull footage up, and we’re able to see it with a lot of detail because of the strength of our internet service.”

It takes more than good Wi-Fi to make this facility run. Volunteers engage in various activities, from general maintenance and landscaping to mentoring children.

“I always tell people to think about the needs around your house,” Swatek said.

The areas in which people can help are vast. Everything from assisting residents “shopping” in the resource room to keeping the facilities in top shape is encouraged.

Crossroads Youth & Family Services’ number one goal is to provide children with a safe environment where they can flourish. If you want to get involved in their mission, visit their website at to learn more and volunteer to improve lives.

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One Tree At a Time | OEC News

Learn how to strategically place trees for energy savings with tips from OEC, one of the only two certified Tree Line USA Utility electric cooperatives in Oklahoma. Since 2016, more than 1,200 free trees have been given away. Find out how you can take part!

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Shop Local for the Holidays

Support local, OEC Fiber-connected businesses this season

What would you say if we told you it was possible to find the perfect holiday gift and support your local community this holiday season? The solution is simple. Shop local.

Shopping online retailers has become the norm for many of us over the last few years, mostly because it’s quick, convenient and lets you shop in your favorite pair of footy pajamas. As easy as it can be for some of us, shopping online hurts the places we live more than we might think. 

Oklahoma funds its communities through local sales tax. Nearly 33% of state and local income comes from sales tax. By shopping local, you are helping fund things like education and road repairs.

OEC Fiber is proud to partner with a variety of local businesses to help them better serve their customers and engage in their communities. Here is a small spattering of local businesses to consider supporting this year when you’re looking for something special to put under the tree this holiday season.

218 W Main St, Purcell, OK

It is your one-stop shop for signs, apparel and other printing services. Each piece is custom-made to fit your needs. Don’t worry about who you’ll be dealing with. Every customer deals directly with the owner to ensure the best possible experience.

Visit to see their work and learn how to place an order today.

1805 S Morgan Rd, Oklahoma City, OK

A small boutique specializing in women’s apparel, accessories, and home décor, this one-of-a-kind shop truly is the heart of the community. Customer service is a priority here. They take the time to get to know you to help you find what you need.

Use discount code OEC10 online at or mention it in-store to get 10% off!

2201 W Main St, Norman, OK

The place “Where Oklahoma Gets Engaged!” offers custom designs and ready-made items to ensure customers have what they need for that special moment. They are devoted to providing an exceptional experience for all who visit their store.

Shop savings of 20-50% off with other events throughout the holiday season. Visit to learn more.

757 NW 32nd Pl Newcastle, OK

This local favorite offers high-quality premium cuts of beef, pork and poultry, along with specialty cheeses and in-house-made sausage. Their friendly service and welcoming atmosphere make finding what you need a delightful experience.

Follow Butcher’s Block Meat Market on Facebook to see special offers on hams, turkeys and prime rib roasts this holiday season.

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One Tree At a Time | OEC News

Learn how to strategically place trees for energy savings with tips from OEC, one of the only two certified Tree Line USA Utility electric cooperatives in Oklahoma. Since 2016, more than 1,200 free trees have been given away. Find out how you can take part!

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Be Our Guest

Keeping your Wi-Fi secure over the holidays

The holidays are prime time for visits from family and friends and sharing Wi-Fi passwords, but think twice before handing over your password. Setting up alternative access points, such as guest networks or passwords, help keep your network secure and your information safe.

Every device connected to your Wi-Fi, from cell phones to computers, is a potential gateway to your information. Hackers can use them to spread malware and establish unauthorized access to your network from a remote location, giving them access to passwords, bank records and other personal information you want to protect.

Setting up alternative access points for your guests helps prevent these security risks. It severs the direct connection between their device and yours while giving them access to your Wi-Fi. It does not limit what they can do online. It’s just adding cybersecurity to provide you with peace of mind during the chaos of the holiday season.

The best part? It doesn’t take a technical guru to set up a guest network. OEC Fiber makes it as easy as a tap on a screen. Our app walks you through the process in a few simple steps and gives you the power to turn your guest access on and off whenever you want.

Are you having a hard time setting it up? Find step-by-step instructions at

A holiday gathering filling a home with loved ones is a beautiful sight. Keeping your Wi-Fi secure is equally as magical. Set up a guest network or password this holiday season to keep your season bright and your network secure, so the only thing you have to worry about is what to put on your holiday menu.

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One Tree At a Time | OEC News

Learn how to strategically place trees for energy savings with tips from OEC, one of the only two certified Tree Line USA Utility electric cooperatives in Oklahoma. Since 2016, more than 1,200 free trees have been given away. Find out how you can take part!

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Banding Together

Oklahoma co-ops come together to form the Cooperative Broadband Coalition

The Cooperative Broadband Coalition (CBC) is a statewide organization dedicated to advancing the mission of expanding rural broadband across Oklahoma. This group works to provide fast, reliable internet service to all Oklahomans by bringing fiber subsidiaries together to combat the unique challenge of staying connected in the twenty-first century. 

Electric cooperatives have been powering the homes of rural Oklahoma since President Franklin Roosevelt enacted the Rural Electrification Act in 1936. Each of these electric cooperatives provides essential services to people in their area, but they have not always had enough influence on their own to overcome every obstacle set before them. That is where the Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives (OAEC) steps in. This statewide organization helps co-ops pool their resources and band together to ensure we all have the necessary resources to provide our collective members with top-tier service.

One of the most recent examples is House Bill 3835. You may remember receiving emails asking you to contact your representatives. Because of the widespread effects of the bill, OAEC provided valuable resources for all co-ops to encourage the members they serve to help defeat this bill.

In a similar fashion, 10 electric distribution cooperatives with fiber subsidiaries, like OEC and OEC Fiber, banded together to create the CBC, an affiliate of OAEC. Together, they provide service to 46 counties in Oklahoma and Arkansas, with over 78,000 subscribers and more than 16,000 miles of fiber line.

While these groups differ in size, their missions are the same. The CBC exists to ensure everyone can access the reliable high-speed broadband service they need. Each subsidiary sees this as an extension of the cooperatives’ directive to bring much-needed service to underserved areas. The core principle of Concern for Community is the driving force behind what these subsidiaries do.

Coming together to form the CBC demonstrates another cooperative principle, Collaboration Among Cooperatives. By forming the CBC and meeting with several legislative groups, they have ensured the construction of a network that will provide exceptional service for years to come.

OAEC and CBC help ensure OEC and OEC Fiber have the resources to provide our members and subscribers with the services they need. These statewide organizations are integral to what sets us apart from other service providers. They ensure our voices are heard and we are given a seat at the table. They prove that, like the cooperatives that came before, we can accomplish far more together than we ever could apart.

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One Tree At a Time | OEC News

Learn how to strategically place trees for energy savings with tips from OEC, one of the only two certified Tree Line USA Utility electric cooperatives in Oklahoma. Since 2016, more than 1,200 free trees have been given away. Find out how you can take part!

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