Concern for Community

Written by: Brittnee McCabe, Intern

On our last podcast episode, Autumn McMahon was gifted with a first-time guest on The Current Buzz, Brianna Wall. Brianna is the Creative Director at OEC and has been working with OEC for the past 14 years. Brianna and Autumn discussed the 7th Cooperative Principle, Concern for Community, and the impact it has had on Brianna and her community.

The 7th Cooperative Principle, Concern for Community, dates back to when cooperatives were first created by farmers in 1930. They came together and saw a need to gain federal aid to create cooperatives today as we know them while also supporting their community.

“I believe that it is very important to be involved in our communities and to continue to build the trust that we have with our communities. It shows that we are there for them and support them, and in return, they support us,” Wall states. “Cooperatives are local. Our members are our neighbors, teachers, and often sit beside us at church which helps create a sense of community. Cooperatives must continue that, especially today.”

For Brianna, community means so much to her. She currently serves many different organizations, including the Pioneer Library System Foundation, Norman Regional Health Foundation, Moore Public Schools Foundation, as well as the Moore Chamber of Commerce.

She has served on the Pioneer Library System Foundation board of directors since 2018. The Foundation supports the Pioneer Library System with educational programming, STEM activities, adult education programs and more. It serves citizens across three counties, all of which are also served by OEC — the two go hand-in-hand. One of the biggest fundraisers that the Pioneer Library System Foundation holds each year is its Touch-A-Truck at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds. At the fundraiser, OEC provides a truck, equipment and linemen to promote education, especially about electricity.

Brianna is a representative of Moore for the Norman Regional Health Foundation. The Foundation supports the Norman Regional Health System by giving employees opportunities to further their education, funding departmental grants like specialized chairs for chemo patients, and more.

A foundation that Brianna supports more closely to home would be the Moore Public Schools Foundation. As a new member to its board of directors, Brianna is a resident of Moore and has a kindergartener in Moore Public Schools. She has had the opportunity through the Foundation to support teachers, students and school sites.

“We are so lucky here in Moore to have so much support for our educational community, so I just love continuing that.” Wall shared.

If you think Brianna couldn’t be involved any more than she already is, she yet again proves us wrong. Brianna is a key part of the Leadership Moore program for the Moore Chamber of Commerce.

“I love the Leadership Moore program because it highlights all the good things in the community. When you think of Moore, you just think it is a retail hub and a place that attracts tornadoes. This program opened my eyes to the many great people here that make it feel like a small town. There is so much history here and I love organizing a program that promotes the history and community of Moore as well as the nonprofits that are housed here in Moore and the people they are serving. It’s a lot of fun all the way around!”

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