OEC Rates and Rebates


We have a rate that is perfect for you.
Select the button below that best describes your lifestyle and energy needs.

Standard Residential Rate

This rate is perfect for members who like simplicity and convenience and who use an average of 1,600 or more kWhs per month.

Time of Use Rate

This rate is perfect for energy savers who are willing to modify behavior to maximize savings.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Rate

This rate is perfect for electric vehicle (EV) owners and those willing to divert energy consumption to evening and overnight hours.

Rate Comparison Tool

Not sure which rate is right for you? Click this link to find which rate will help you save energy and money.

Low Income Assistance

Low Income Assistance: $10 discount per month for 24 months. Requirements: You must qualify through DHS. See if you are eligible and apply here: www.okdhslive.org

Silver Discount

Silver Discount: $5 discount monthly from June through October Requirements: primary account holder age 65+. Simply call (405) 321-2024 to enroll today.

Energy Efficiency Rebates

Thank you for your interest in Oklahoma Electric Cooperative’s rebate program. At OEC, our purpose is to improve our members’ quality of life through the safe delivery of highly reliable, reasonably priced electric service, innovative energy programs, and exceptional member service. We are excited to bring you this simplified rebate structure that offers compelling rebates for components, products, and energy-efficient design. The below rebates apply for projects completed in 2020.
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