The dawn of OEC Fiber

Some of you may recall the day your home or farm received electricity for the very first time. Others no doubt have heard stories about how work was done before the lights came on. How life-changing that moment must have been: to finally experience a world previously accessible only to "city folk." Only accessible to those who could bring profits to investor-owned utilities. Entire rural communities were forgotten and overlooked until a handful of farmers in 1937 said otherwise.

Safety Guidelines for Generators

When severe storms and natural disasters cause power outages, it can be an inconvenience—or even a problem—to be without electricity. Purchasing a backup generator can help with preparation for such power outages and provide peace of mind. As with all things involving electricity, the incorrect use of generators can create potentially hazardous situations. Safe Electricity outlines essential considerations in purchasing the right generator and safely operate it.

Electrifying the World

OEC lineman Derec Janaway was selected to lead a team of eight volunteer linemen — including OEC District Lineman Brad Scott — to electrify remote communities in the northwestern part of Guatemala this coming fall. Janaway traveled to Bolivia in 2016 for a similar cause.

“Bringing electricity to areas that have none takes us back to our roots of rural electrification,” says Chris Meyers, Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives (OAEC) general manager. 

47 Years on the Line

If you live in Norman and haven't met Phillip Miller or Jake Calvert, you must not be an OEC member.

Lifelong Norman residents Phillip and Jake take great pride in their work serving members who reside in Norman and parts of Noble. Together, they make sure the lights stay on for thousands of families and hundreds of businesses.

"I've been on a maintenance truck my entire career," Phillip said. "It's hard to imagine doing anything other than making sure the good people in our district are well cared for and their lights stay on."