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Outdoor Lighting

Oklahoma Electric Cooperative now offers newer LED technology for its Outdoor Lighting. LED outdoor lights are more environmentally friendly and provide a brighter, whiter light than the amber-colored light given off by the existing sodium lights. In addition, they are dark sky friendly and more energy efficient.

Existing lights will be replaced with LED lights as repairs are needed. All new installations will be LED lights.

OEC will furnish, install, operate, and maintain your lights. Lights can only be installed on an OEC pole whether it is existing or installed for the purpose of the light.

A 5,200 lumen LED light is the typical light installed for Residential accounts. The minimum fixed cost per month for this light is $8.67. (Additional monthly costs may be incurred depending on the type of pole and wire associated with the light.)

For additional information or if you are interested in an outdoor light, contact the Engineering Department by calling (405) 321-2024, option 2 or choose an option below: