Operation Round Up

Individuals need not be co-op members to receive a grant from the OEC Foundation, but do have to reside in the co-op’s service area to apply. Likewise, organizations must provide services to individuals within the co-op’s boundaries. 

Application deadline: May 17

Next Meeting: June 3

Mission & History

Since the time OEC was formed in 1937, we have been dedicated to improving the quality of life for the people in central Oklahoma. We do this by not only providing affordable electric service to our members but also by our active involvement in a number of important community support programs. One of the most successful community efforts in which we’re involved is the Operation Round Up(TM) program.

Founded in 1989 by a co-op in South Carolina and adopted by OEC in 1993, Operation Round Up® is a way we help those in our community who have fallen on hard times. The program is funded by OEC members who voluntarily ‘round up’ their monthly electric bills. (For example, a bill of $97.43 is automatically rounded up to $98.00, with the additional 57 cents going to the Operation Round Up® account.)

The money is pooled, and then allocated to a variety of worthy causes throughout the co-op’s seven-county service area. Each participating member donates approximately $6 annually to the fund. (Co-op members who do not wish to participate in Operation Round Up® can complete and return the ORU Opt-Out Form*.) Collectively, your generosity equates to about $18,000 a month to aid those in need. More than $5 million has been awarded locally in the last two decades.

All of the money contributed to Operation Round Up® is put into the OEC Foundation fund, separate from OEC’s accounts. The Foundation is administered by a 9-member board of directors, made up of volunteers nominated by the OEC Board of Trustees. Board members must live in the district they represent.

Grants are not awarded for payment of utility bills or for political purposes. Applicants will be notified by mail of the board’s decision regarding their request. Please do not call the office for this information. The OEC Foundation board meets every six to eight weeks to review and act on grant requests. Those seeking a grant must fill out an application which is due a minimum of ten days before a scheduled meeting.

Give where you live!

ORU+ is a great way for members, and non-members alike, to add additional money to their monthly contribution or make a one-time donation. All donations stay right here in our local community.
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If you are an organization or individual who has been instructed to submit an invoice, we have provided an easy form for you to complete.

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For more information contact Tory Tedder-Loffland, OEC’s Education & Outreach Programs Director, at (405) 217-6726 or oru@okcoop.org

OEC Foundation Inc. Board of Directors

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