OEC Solar Garden More Productive than Expected

OEC’s Solar Garden began operation in February 2017 and was expected to produce enough electricity to power 25 to 30 homes. New data indicates the actual output could potentially power 50 homes, which is good news for both OEC and Western Farmers Electric Cooperative (WFEC, OEC’s wholesale power provider).

“The great thing about our solar facilities is they are producing the most electricity when our members need it the most — those scorching summer afternoons,” said CEO Patrick Grace. “That timing coincides perfectly with WFEC’s peak-producing time, which ultimately determines our demand and could potentially influence our rates in the future.”

The 250 kilowatt hour-producing Solar Garden has remained a much discussed topic within the Norman and surrounding communities, with dozens of people and educational groups touring the facility since its grand opening in March.

“We are proud to contribute such a unique opportunity to our members and communities,” said Grace. “With solar power and renewable energy being hot topics in our industry these days, the Solar Garden and Solar Farm help us educate not only our members, but our community leaders, elected officials and the general public.”

To view real-time generation output and environmental benefits of OEC’s Solar Garden, visit www.okcoop.org/solar.

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