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The ORU Report: Mar. 24 | OEC News

Discover how OEC Foundation’s $40,000 in grants is making a transformative impact on local communities. From empowering nonprofits to aiding families in need, explore the diverse initiatives driving positive change in this insightful article.

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The Good Kind of Audit | OEC News

Unlock the secrets to lower energy bills and a safer home with free energy audits. Discover how to boost efficiency, save money, and increase property value. Dive into this comprehensive guide to understand the process, benefits, and steps to take towards a greener, more cost-effective lifestyle.

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Right Tree, Right Place | OEC News

Learn how proper vegetation management practices can enhance safety, prevent power outages, and maximize the benefits of trees. Explore essential tips for planting trees in the right place to optimize energy efficiency and community well-being.

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Powering Life’s Essentials | OEC News

Unveil how OEC’s groundbreaking ACES initiative, powered by fiber technology, is revolutionizing grid reliability. Explore the impressive reduction in outages, member satisfaction, and innovative strategies deployed to fortify infrastructure against disruptions.

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Reliability: The Impacts of Extreme Winter Weather | OEC News

Winter brings increased indoor activities and higher heating demands, putting a strain on the electric grid. Learn how OEC collaborates with Western Farmers Electric Cooperative to ensure consistent power supply and discover practical tips to help reduce energy consumption. From optimizing thermostat settings to staggering appliance use, these strategies not only ease grid pressure but also offer potential savings on your electric bills. Join us in maintaining grid reliability and enjoy a warm, efficient winter season.

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