News and Updates from Oklahoma Electric Cooperative

Beyond the Sale | OEC News

By placing an unwavering focus on service before sales, OEC Fiber is not just connecting businesses to the digital world but creating a blueprint for the future of member and subscriber service.

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The Power Behind Your Power | OEC News

Despite the many challenges, OEC’s lineworkers are committed to powering our local communities. During severe weather events that bring major power outages, lineworkers are among the first ones called.

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OEC Electric and Fiber Awarded Large Business of the Year | OEC News

In an impressive testament to its commitment to community and excellence, Oklahoma Electric Cooperative (OEC), along with our subsidiary OEC Fiber, was awarded the esteemed “Large Business of the Year” by the Norman Chamber of Commerce. The accolade was presented during a ceremony at the Embassy Suites in Norman, Oklahoma, on Feb. 1, highlighting our impact on the communities we serve and our unwavering dedication to core values.

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From the Top — April 2024 | OEC News

Our DNA is centered around serving others, and that includes taking care of our own team. By making the well-being and growth of our team a priority, we’re able to create a culture where the work not only gets done but is done exceptionally well. We will continue to support and empower each other with the same spirit of service that defines us.

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