News and Updates from Oklahoma Electric Cooperative

Rural Renaissance | OEC News

Discover the transformative journey of OEC Fiber, originating from the endeavors of Oklahoma Electric Cooperative. Explore how our reliable fiber internet is revitalizing rural Oklahoma by promoting economic growth, enriching education, and bolstering agricultural advancements. Call (405) 217-6868 to experience unmatched reliability with OEC Fiber!

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Capital Credits | OEC News

Explore the significance of Oklahoma Electric Cooperative’s $2 million capital credits retirement, highlighting the cooperative’s commitment since 1937. Learn about the allocation and claim process for both current and former members. Understand the difference between a cooperative and investor-owned utility companies, focusing on member benefits and community impact.

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Growing Together | OEC News

Celebrate National Co-op Month this October with Oklahoma Electric Cooperative (OEC)! Discover how co-ops like OEC are pivotal in community growth, economic empowerment, and fostering cooperation and learning. Explore our enduring commitment to member satisfaction and our continuous evolution to meet your needs.

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Shift into Gear | OEC News

Oklahoma Electric Cooperative’s (OEC) innovative Drive-Thru Annual Meeting at Lloyd Noble Center marks a milestone in member engagement and convenience. The event set an attendance record and featured prize drawings and live stream business meetings. Explore the highlights and insights of this unprecedented member-centric event.

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From the Top — October 2023 | OEC News

Celebrate National Co-op Month this October with us! Understand the concept of capital credits and how it benefits long-standing members. Learn about our cooperative’s commitment to providing top-notch services, and discover the unique advantages of being part of a cooperative.

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Dedicated to You | OEC News

Veteran trustees Ronnie Grover and Bob Usry rejoin the OEC Board of Trustees for another three-year term. Recognized for their steadfast commitment to their districts and vast expertise in the electric industry, both Grover and Usry exemplify OEC’s dedication to its members and mission. Dive deeper into their contributions and the co-op’s ongoing vision.

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