Net Metering

Net metering allows an electric meter to turn – or, if digital, count – backwards when an on-site generator produces more energy than is being used. For example, if a DG system produces 1,000 kWh and a residence uses 1,800 kWh in a given month, the meter will only show 800 kWh used. Therefore, the bill will be for only 800 kWh. If the DG system produced the full usage of 1800 kWh, OEC will bill only the service availability charge. In short, Net Metering means OEC essentially buys back power at the retail rate as long as the DG system doesn’t produce more power than is used during the billing period.

Solar Checklist

Use this checklist to help make planning installation of your new solar system easier.

Prepare Your Home

Take five minutes to complete your Home Energy Audit Calculator.

Do the Math

  • Pick and experienced contractor to supply bids using this contractor database.
  • Request bids from at least three contractors.
  • Verify contractor licenses.
  • Ensure all bids are prepared using the same assumptions as closely as possible so you can compare “apples to apples.” Assumptions include: system measurements, warranties, length of time to install, what is included as a base package versus an “adder”
  • Before signing a contract, read it carefully and thoroughly. Ensure all costs are included and ask questions about anything you do not fully understand.
  • Take your time. Don’t rush into a decision before fully evaluating your options.

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