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OEC and NPS Create Solar Farm

Summarized by Brittnee McCabe, Marketing and Member Relations Intern

NPS Solar Farm
NPS Solar Farm

It was a year we will never forget, but one I think we are all happy to put behind us. While 2020 brought its challenges, we are excited to turn the page and look ahead to what 2021 holds for us, our loyal members and OEC Fiber subscribers. With tremendous growth happening in both the electric and broadband sectors, we will continue to expand our team by hiring for a variety of positions in the coming months and year. No matter what 2021 brings, we fully anticipate and are prepared for this growth.

As we grow our teams, we know talent comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, backgrounds and experiences. Ensuring our workforce is diverse has been a strategic focus since 2016, when our board of trustees identified initiatives that would impact OEC in the future. We were focusing on diversity long before it became a topic of national discussion in 2020, and we are proud of the steps we have taken to welcome talent from all backgrounds. I think a diverse team is a stronger team, as different life experiences and thought processes lead to better ideas and better collaboration.

With that said, our team will no doubt need to grow in 2021. We love to have candidates from all backgrounds apply for positions so we can be sure our team is comprised of the best, most talented people. We post our jobs on our website and social media, as well as diversity-focused job boards. I’m proud of the efforts our HR team has taken the last few years to be sure our candidate pool is as diverse as possible.

We also want our team leaders and managers to be well-versed in the diversity conversation, so we conduct specific training for them multiple times a year so all employees can share in the experiences of others. Again, I truly believe this is what makes our team one of the best: that we all grow by learning from everyone’s unique life experiences.

Another thing we’re excited about in 2021 is the opening of our solar project in partnership with Norman Public Schools (NPS). A first-of-its-kind in the nation, we are excited for the educational opportunities this solar farm will create for students of all ages in central Oklahoma. I am proud to have been a small part of bringing NPS Superintendent Dr. Nick Migliorino’s vision to life, along with the help of countless others. I encourage you to read more about this here: Field of Sunbeams.

Here’s to a brighter 2021.