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Two giants of OEC culture retire

John Spencer

A lot has changed at OEC in the last 42 years, but one thing remained constant, the steady and hardworking presence of John Spencer.

John initially joined OEC in the operations department in 1980 for $4.80 an hour. Throughout his impressive four-decade-long tenure, he filled various essential roles within the organization, including manager and Vice President of Metering.

His exemplary work ethic and commitment to excellence made him well-respected among colleagues, coworkers and members.

“42 years is the longest someone has ever worked at OEC,” said Patrick Grace, OEC CEO. “He has been a valuable employee for a long time. We appreciate him and will miss his presence greatly.”

With decades of experience under his belt and unwavering loyalty to OEC’s vision, John leaves a legacy that will be fondly remembered by all who worked alongside him. OEC and its people will not soon forget his impact.

Congratulations, John Spencer!

Janet Maginnis

Janet Maginnis has been a treasured Oklahoma Electric Cooperative team member for 25 years.

Janet joined OEC in the 1980s for a short stint, eventually returning to begin her career in our human resources department. She spent the next 20 years as a source of expertise and dedication to programs benefitting employees.

“Her dedication to OEC’s employees was unparalleled,” said Patrick Grace, CEO of OEC. “She was instrumental in helping the company transition from traditional health insurance plans to self-insurance. She is the reason we have great insurance for our employees.”

Janet’s help and encouragement to all employees, their families and our board of trustees were a true reflection of the service-driven values OEC holds.

As she embarks on retirement, this same spirit of service will continue in all she sets out to do next. Janet’s 25 years of service have been invaluable to the organization’s success.

Congratulations, Janet Maginnis!

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