From the Top with CEO Patrick Grace – March 2023

Last month, we received reports of a rooftop solar panel salesman presenting himself as a certified partner of OEC, which is a false claim to make. While we might not partner specifically with these companies, we do offer a plethora of resources on our website for those looking to explore their distributed generation (at-home solar or wind) options.

When you visit our website,, the Benefits of Renewable Energy page can be found under the Energy Solutions tab. This page has existed for over five years and as the industry has evolved, we have added tools and features to it. The page includes links to trusted sites that connect you to contractors, real-time renewable energy production and more. We also staff experts who have conducted extensive research on renewables and are available to answer any questions you have.

We believe it is important to be transparent with our members, which is why we strive to be your go-to resource for all your energy needs. Our goal is to provide you with reliable, affordable service, not make a huge profit for shareholders. That’s what makes cooperatives different — we provide you with tools and resources so you can make informed decisions about your energy costs.

Speaking of energy costs, another way we try to provide visibility and transparency is by accurately reflecting our costs on your electric bills each month. As you can imagine, fuel costs comprise the majority of your electric bill, which is reflected in both the energy charge and the power cost adjustment found on your monthly statements. While some of the fuel cost is included in the energy charge, the power cost adjustment reflects the constant variation in fuel prices. I encourage you to visit to read an in-depth explanation of this particular charge. Another portion of your bill includes the Service Availability Charge, which covers the fixed costs of providing service— i.e., maintenance, infrastructure, cybersecurity, etc.

These costs are all broken down on your bill so you can see exactly what you’re paying for — an extremely high-quality, reliable service. While some charges and costs are combined and rolled into billing components in order to simplify the bill and keep it easy to follow, we strive to provide as much transparent costs as possible that directly reflect what we are charged to distribute electricity to our members’ homes and businesses. As a member-owned cooperative, we always strive to keep our members’ interests first. It’s how we were founded in 1937 and how we will continue to operate into the future.

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