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OEC Fiber’s human-centered approach revolutionizes the way we think about sales and service

We’ve all had those uncomfortable encounters with salespeople who seem to listen only with the intent to sell, not to understand. Picture the insistent car salesman who can’t grasp why a minivan isn’t suitable for a bachelor or the persistent telemarketer who calls during dinner, oblivious to your polite declines. These experiences leave us wishing for a genuine connection, for someone to hear our needs rather than pitch their product. Breaking free from these all-too familiar frustrations, the OEC Fiber Business team is revolutionizing service by redefining the essence of salesmanship. 0413321801

“It’s about ensuring that a business is set up for success,” said OEC Fiber Senior Manager of Sales & Business Development Michelle Hohlier. “It’s not about us or getting a sale. It’s about providing the highest quality and service to our members and subscribers.”

Isaac Lewis, a key member of OEC Fiber’s Sales and Business Development team, approaches each interaction with a commitment to understanding and meeting the specific needs of his clients.

“I’m motivated by feeling good about what I do, not sales numbers,” Lewis said. “Our sales team takes pride in simplifying our subscribers’ lives rather than complicating them. We’re not selling you something you don’t need; we’re inquiring about what you need.”

During sales calls, members of the business sales team navigate the dual worlds of technology and business with the ease of someone who speaks both languages fluently.

“We speak with a variety of people, from business owners to IT professionals,” Lewis said. “Sales calls require striking a balance between speaking the language of tech without overwhelming and communicating clearly.”

Lewis’s past role as a fitness instructor, particularly in group classes, sharpened his skill at making complex concepts understandable. He applies this same skill set to his role at OEC Fiber, approaching every business engagement with an eye for the unique communication needs of his clients.

“It’s about clarity and relevance,” Lewis said. “My goal is to ensure technical details enhance, rather than complicate, a business owner’s vision.”

The OEC Fiber team’s commitment to superior service is evidenced in the hands-on approach during site visits. Lewis and Site Visit Coordinator Dan Pryor focus on the collaborative nature of the encounter, evaluating the compatibility of technical systems with OEC Fiber’s network.

“These sessions are about aligning our capabilities with the client’s vision and capacity,” Lewis explains. “This level of personal engagement exemplifies OEC Fiber’s mission to provide not just support, but guidance and understanding.”

OEC Fiber’s dedication is also manifested in the meticulous planning and execution of its installation and infrastructure management. OEC Fiber’s strategy for placing network conduits and taps ensures that the technical infrastructure performs optimally and integrates seamlessly into the physical and operational layout of the businesses they serve.

“I have worked in other similar companies, but the planning and execution we do for installations has been planned meticulously,” Pryor said. “Our installations are designed to be as unobtrusive and effective as possible.”

Other internet and fiber companies typically measure installation success based on two factors: the time spent on installation and the number of revisits required to fix issues from a drop, Pryor said.

“Install techs are often paid based on the number of jobs they complete, which means that the more time they spend at a location, the fewer jobs they can complete,” Pryor said. “This can create pressure to complete jobs as quickly as possible, leading to mistakes.”

Rather than focusing on speed or the number of jobs we can complete, we emphasize service, ensuring the work is done to a high standard, Pryor said. This approach encourages installers to take their time and pay close attention to the details rather than rushing through jobs to maximize their pay. By prioritizing quality over quantity, OEC Fiber can provide subscribers with reliable, long-lasting installations that meet or exceed their expectations.

This reveals a company culture that prioritizes exceeding member and subscriber expectations and responding to the changing tides of business needs. Lewis reflects on the industry’s evolution and OEC Fiber’s proactive steps to ensure their offerings are current and leading edge.

“We’re not just keeping up; we’re pushing forward,” Lewis said. “This dedication to service excellence drives OEC Fiber’s growing success in a fiercely competitive market.”

In every aspect of its operations, OEC Fiber views its subscribers as customers and collaborators in progress. They offer a level of service that anticipates needs and provides solutions designed to aid the growth and evolution of the businesses they partner with.

“Our clients are our partners, and their success is our success,” Lewis said.

Isaac Lewis and the OEC Fiber Business team represent a vanguard in the fiber industry, heralding a shift from transactional interactions to relationships built on understanding and mutual benefit.

By placing an unwavering focus on service before sales, OEC Fiber is not just connecting businesses to the digital world but creating a blueprint for the future of member and subscriber service.

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