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Thank you to the unsung heroes of OEC Fiber

Ebony skies pour water onto the heads of crews pulling fiber optic cable across a windswept landscape. Long into the night, they work to restore service to damaged areas after the storm. These are the unsung heroes behind OEC Fiber.

These lineworkers are a highly skilled group of individuals dedicated to the idea that they are making lives better for their community. With over 133 years of experience between them, they are the backbone of the rural broadband revolution.

“I am constantly impressed by our crew’s exceptional work,” said Joe Torres, senior manager of outside plant and fiber technicians. “Their dedication to quality and attention to detail speaks to the pride they take in their work. They are the engine that keeps everything running.”

In honor of National Lineworker Appreciation Day, we pause to thank this hard-working group of individuals that keep us all connected. Much of what they do goes without recognition or reward. Day in and day out, they are the ones in the trenches. They climb the poles in harsh conditions so we can have the high-quality service we rely on. It is back-breaking work, and we do not thank them enough.

So on behalf of all OEC Fiber subscribers, we say “thank you.” Thank you for the long hours in all manner of weather. Thank you for doing the work few are willing to do so we can have what we need for work, school and play online. You are the best of us. We would not be where we are without you.

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