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I am humbled and excited to announce that OEC Fiber recently received two outstanding service awards. Last month, 405 Magazine named us Best Internet Service Provider for the third year running. At the same time, honored us with Top Ten Regional Providers for Fastest Real World Speeds in their 2024 Provider Awards.

These awards help us know we are on the right track regarding service and reliability. However, our subscribers’ experience and satisfaction are what matter the most. That gives the award from 405 Magazine a special place in my heart. Subscribers vote for this award. It means they enjoyed our service enough to stand up and say they would choose us over other providers. That gives the award a little more shine, but industry awards matter, too.

Recognition from for our internet speed reinforces our commitment to service and support. It shows the importance of what we do. Our mission goes beyond connecting people to the internet. We strive to enhance the well-being of those in our communities by bringing them access to essential services like healthcare and virtual learning where they were previously in the ‘digital dark.’ In a recent survey, you confirmed we are heading in the right direction with our focus on service and commitment to reliability. 4009100205

In April, OEC conducted a member-wide survey. Thousands of OEC Fiber subscribers submitted rave reviews for our service. The ratings were so high that our Net Promoter Score (a term used to measure satisfaction) was a whopping 82! This is an incredible score, considering some internet service providers in our area have scores below zero.

As we expand our network, we are doubling down on our commitment to providing exceptional service. These awards and survey results tell the story of that commitment. Our board of directors and entire staff continually seek to improve our service to you and will continue to do so. You have our pledge to approach it with passion, dedication and an insatiable desire to raise the bar.

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