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How OEC Fiber can help build a Wi-Fi-enabled backyard

By Erin McKnight

In recent years, many homeowners discovered the convenience and potential cost savings of creating a smart home. From the improved energy efficiency of smart thermostats to the increased security of smart doorbells and cameras, smart home technology can transform your house into an ideal living space.

However, the delights of smart home devices do not have to be limited to the four corners of your house. With some planning and creative design, you can take the conveniences of smart home technology into your backyard!

“There are many ways our subscribers can take advantage of their Wi-Fi outdoors,” said OEC Fiber President David Goodspeed. “Our goal is to enhance their quality of life by ensuring everyone has access to the services they need.”

The possibilities of outdoor Wi-Fi use are endless. Here are a few ways to create your smart backyard and make your outdoor living area the envy of your neighborhood!

Smart Outdoor Security for Your Backyard

While smart doorbells and cameras have become popular for monitoring your front door and driveway, you can also create additional peace of mind by providing similar security for your backyard. 

Outdoor wireless security cameras let you watch what’s happening in your backyard. You can keep an eye on your kids playing outside while you attend to other matters indoors. Motion sensors can detect unwanted visitors, including wildlife, making a smart outdoor security camera a wise choice.

Outdoor Smart Speakers

Music is a must when entertaining, whether it’s a pool party or an outdoor barbecue. 

And with dust-tight, waterproof outdoor smart speakers, you can arrange a sound system for your backyard or patio that rivals your indoor entertainment set-up! 

Smart speakers can connect to your devices and music apps like Apple Music or Spotify, letting you show off your playlists as you digitally spin tunes outside. Some smart outdoor speakers can individually fill an outdoor area but consider adding multiple smart speakers and pairing them together for a richer sound.

Outdoor Smart TVs 

With today’s technology, you don’t have to sit indoors to enjoy TV or watch a weekend’s worth of fall football. Indeed, more and more backyard barbecues and parties are incorporating live sports and other entertainment on outdoor smart TVs, not limited by the length of the cable cord! 5612200302

“I watched the NBA Finals on the back porch. You can go anywhere,” said OEC Fiber subscriber Walter Kula of Choctaw.

While outdoor smart TVs are more expensive than their indoor counterparts, they endure the elements and last years longer outdoors. Look for IP55-rated models, which are the most moisture-resistant and dust-proof outdoor smart TVs. Some are even pollen-proof!

Smart Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can add a unique ambiance to your backyard. Whether you create dramatic effects by spotlighting shrubbery and trees or stringing-up lights along pathways, smart lighting takes outdoor lighting to the next level. 

Today’s smart lighting tech lets you adjust the power of the lighting, including dimming, with voice commands. Other smart bulbs can change colors and hues—this can be especially useful during holidays! 

And to add to the security features of your backyard, you can also include motion sensors to turn on any lights when a passer-by is detected.

Smart Fire Pits

When the weather cools in fall and winter, you can enjoy the coziness and warmth of a smart fire pit. Some models include features like smokeless fires with adjustable flames, greatly easing the workload of starting and building a fire. 

Other models are traditional fire pits that burn wood and can even be used to cook — or roast marshmallows! Smart technology lets you control the flames through your devices, providing additional safety and convenience.

Smart Barbecue Grills

What outdoor space is complete without a cooker? Smart grills include many features designed to reduce the stress frequently accompanying backyard barbecues. Today’s smart technology is built into your smart grill, keeping you informed on timing and temperature so you don’t undercook your guests’ hamburgers or burn your shish kabobs to crisps. A smart grill can genuinely help make your next backyard barbecue a success!

By setting up a smart backyard, you might enjoy more of your property than you ever imagined. With OEC Fiber’s unmatched network, these smart devices can integrate modern technology seamlessly across your back porch and patio, making your home more livable, secure and valuable.

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