Electricity of the 21st Century: High-Speed Fiber Internet

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]You can’t tell the OEC Fiber story without telling the OEC story.

In 1936 we built Oklahoma Electric Cooperative in “the middle of nowhere.” We brought power to rural areas when other utilities thought it was “too expensive”. Eighty-three years later,  we have become part of the 3rd largest city in the state of Oklahoma.

During the past 8 decades, Norman and OEC have grown exponentially. Bringing power to rural areas 83 years ago was, as some would say, impossible. Our mission has remained steady:  to improve our members quality of life by providing safe, secure, and reasonably priced electricity.At our core, that’s who we are. We went where no one else would; adapting our technology through creativity and innovation after listening to our members.

Technology has been rapidly growing for several decades. Fifteen years ago, most people did not have a personal computer in their home, much less on their cell phone! In 2019, we are faced with technology continuing to expand in ways we never thought possible. With this expansion, we have heard our members cry for  quality high-speed internet providers. Slow internet does more than just delay someone’s day.  A slow internet connection prevents your child from doing a research project. Slow internet keeps businesses from meeting the demand of orders and correspondence. Slow internet can be the difference between success and failure. At OEC, we hear you, and because of your requests to have secure and affordable high-speed internet, OEC is bringing the world of fiber to you!

High speed internet is essential in today’s world. Internet is essential in almost every aspect of your life. Whether you use the internet at school, work, or at home, OEC Fiber is committed to providing the fastest and most secure internet to its members.

OEC Fiber did not happen overnight. We have been tirelessly enhancing the concept of fiber and working on the infrastructure since 2017. Much like OEC, OEC Fiber started with a blank sheet of paper rooted in our deep commitment to enhancing our member’s everyday lives. In May 2017, during the OEC board retreat, we began to study the massive Fiber project, which is equal to building 5,000 miles of lines and infrastructure. Being able to build an entire network in a 5-7-year period is an unbelievable task. However, we knew we were up to the challenge. The OEC Board of Trustees has worked tirelessly to move the project forward to improve our members’ quality of life.

We built OEC Fiber from the ground up with a deep focus on service. We started by highlighting our service areas that were lacking access to high-speed internet. From there, we have hired the best staff and contractors who boast not only leading expertise, but a commitment to member service.

In light of this, we are quickly gaining a reputation around the country for being the best.

Naturally, we expect our members to have questions about OEC Fiber, below are some commonly asked questions we have from our current members.

We thank you for choosing OEC and hope you are just as excited about OEC Fiber as we are!

I already have high-speed internet, what does OEC Fiber have to offer me?

  • Our fiber strands are designed to communicate with our infrastructure, so everyone benefits even if they never have OEC Fiber. We can have better, faster, and more secure infrastructure. We have two fiber strands to each substation, so we do not have to connect to the internet. This technology allows us to have self-healing grids while increasing our overall operational efficiency.
  • OEC Fiber does not want to just stop at internet services. We are currently looking at opportunities to eventually release cable and phone services as well.

Will OEC Fiber impact my electricity rates?

  • It does not impact electric rates until the OEC Fiber makes enough money to flow back into the whole cooperative. We make a small margin on the project currently.

What are the rates for OEC Fiber’s high-speed internet services?

I am interested in switching my service provider to OEC Fiber, where do I start?

  • Choosing OEC Fiber is a great choice! Whether you are an existing member or looking to become one, you can find out all of the information for are looking for here!



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