ORU Grant Provides Life-Saving Equipment

ORU Grant Provides Life-Saving Equipment

A June 2017 Operation Round Up® (ORU) grant to the Newcastle Fire Department (NFD) proved to be a life-saving decision when the department's fire fighters used the equipment to save a person's life following a vehicle accident. The $2,830 grant allowed the NFD to update its extrication equipment, meaning quicker and more efficient work when responding to vehicle accidents involving entrapment.

"The extrication time for this particular incident was under four minutes from start to finish," said Lieutenant Tony Samaniego. "This was in large part because of the ease [of hooking up the new equipment]."

The event occurred a few days after the new equipment was installed.

"Without the upgrade, this could have easily been a five- to seven-minute process," said Samaniego.

Every minute counts during emergency responses, and thanks to the generosity of the OEC members who choose to round up their bills each month, the individual involved in this accident lives to tell about it.

If your bill is not rounded up and you would like to take part in the ORU program and give back to your community, call 405-321-2024 to speak with a member service associate or visit www.okcoop.org to log into your account management. You may also use our live chat feature Mondays through Fridays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

One-time donations are also welcome. Visit www.okcoop.org/ORU for more information.

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