OEC Live Line brings electric safety education to life

OEC Live Line brings electric safety education to life

In OEC's constant pursuit of electric safety excellence for both employees and members, the new Live Line safety demo is making its way across our seven-county service area. Certified OEC linemen and safety coordinators conduct life-saving training sessions for first responders and emergency personnel whose jobs include potential encounters with electricity. 

"The Live Line allows us to demonstrate real-life situations involving real electricity in a controlled environment," said Daniel Lofland, energy efficiency and solutions specialist and former lineman. "The dangers of electricity need to be made known to everyone, but especially to those on the front lines of emergency response."

Nine district linemen and their assistant linemen stationed throughout OEC's 2,200 square mile service area, alongside safety personnel, operate the Live Line and demonstrate the hidden dangers of electricity to everyone from first responders to students, teachers and the general public. 

"We show firsthand that electricity is flowing through the lines even when you can’t see it. We also simulate the dangers of digging in your yard without calling Okie," said Lofland.

OEC invites all area rural fire departments, county maintenance crews, emergency medical technicians, law enforcement personnel and schools to schedule the Live Line to make an appearance for onsite safety demonstrations and training.

Contact Daniel Lofland at LiveLine@okcoop.org or 217-6631 for more information.

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