OEC Fiber on pace to meet 2018 goals

OEC Fiber on pace to meet 2018 goals

Bringing high-speed internet
where no one else will.

In its first few months, the OEC Fiber team has made tremendous strides in an effort to bring hope to thousands of members who currently don’t have access to reliable, affordable internet service. 

“The goal is to have all electric substations connected to the fiber optic network by the end of 2018,” said David Goodspeed, manager of fiber and broadband, and OEC Fiber president. “That includes installing buildings at each substation that house the network equipment. We currently have 13 installed and have eight to go.”

Construction crews have hung 123 miles of strand and 54 miles of fiber line across the eastern parts of OEC’s service area. The first ring — from 48th Avenue Northwest to Indian Hills Road, 24th Avenue Southeast back to OEC’s headquarters — is 99 percent complete. The second ring, which encompasses far southwest parts of Norman, is 60 percent complete. Crews are also making progress in east Norman as they hang strand and fiber in the third ring. See the map at www.OECFiber.com for more information about the paths crews are taking to connect the substations.

“We are expecting the other eight substation buildings to be dropped by the end of June,” said Goodspeed. “Trans-tel [the Norman-based company performing construction work for OEC Fiber] is doing a great job of staying on pace so we can meet our goals.”

The OEC Fiber staff now consists of Goodspeed, Manager of Outside Plant and Construction Joe Torres, Network Operations Manager Michael Tomas, Fiber Optic Technician Jeremy Kilpatrick, Network Technician Nick Moyer, Social Marketing Content Manager Kayla Brandt, and Sales and Marketing Business Developer Michelle Hohlier.

“Now that our team is complete, we have hit the ground running with developing a pricing structure for both residential and commercial customers, and thinking of unique ways we can show our members that we truly care about offering them reliable broadband service in the coming months — something they should have been receiving all along,” said Goodspeed.

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