Home Energy Audit

Home Energy Audit

As an electricity provider, it might seem counterintuitive that we encourage consumers to use less of the service we provide. However, as a local cooperative, we strive to improve our members' quality of life in several ways. Providing innovative energy programs — thus, keeping money in your pocket — is one of the ways we are here to serve you.


What Does the Home Energy Efficiency Program Offer?

A home energy efficiency expert from Precise Building Performance conducts a whole-home energy audit. The audit tests your home's ability to seal in heat and air, checks for potential duct leakage and ensures an adequate amount of attic insulation. Members will receive a detailed report on site along with projected retrofit costs and return-on-investment of the project if the member decides to move forward.


Who is Eligible to Participate in the Program?

The Home Energy Efficiency Program is available only to residential members living in single-family houses and larger. However, members living in mobile homes are welcome to enroll and will receive helpful resources including specific ways they can cut energy costs. This information can also be viewed at www.okcoop.org


When and How do I Enroll?

Beginning Jan. 1, members may visit www.OKNM.coop, fill out some basic information and select "OEC" from the list of co-ops. A member of Precise Building Performance will contact you to schedule your audit — which will take place in March or April. Audits will continue throughout the year, as members enroll.

Members may also find do-it-yourself efficiency projects at www.OKNM.coop, as well as a link to Precise Building Performance's list of resources.

For more information, contact Daniel Lofland, energy efficiency and solutions specialist, at 405-217-6631 or daniel.lofland@okcoop.org.