From the Top with CEO Patrick Grace – June 2023

With the summer season upon us, discussions surrounding electric rates increase. Electric rates can be intricate, with numerous factors at play. Every aspect requires careful consideration, from the costs of building and upgrading infrastructure to maintaining critical components like poles, wires, transformers and substations. We employ a highly skilled and knowledgeable team dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of our technology, fortifying it against cyber threats. Moreover, we must account for the ever-changing landscape of fuel costs, transportation expenses from generation plants to your homes and much more. Our commitment to capturing these costs accurately in our rates guarantees transparency and fairness.

While it may seem daunting, rest assured that we have been proactive in managing these complexities. Despite the natural cost increase each year, our cooperative’s remarkable growth has allowed us to offset the need for a rate increase. Instead, we are able to assess and refine our rate structure, ensuring that you, our members, have access to options that genuinely benefit you and our cooperative as a whole.

Because we understand that simplicity is a virtue many members appreciate, we offer our standard residential rate, which has proven to be a popular choice for those seeking a straightforward approach. However, we also recognize the importance of energy consciousness and empowering you to take control of your energy usage. That’s why we offer a flexible time-of-use rate, allowing you to optimize your energy consumption and reap the rewards. Additionally, for those of you who charge your electric vehicles overnight or can shift your energy usage to off-peak hours, we have tailored a rate that aligns perfectly with your needs. To read more about these rates, see here.

To help you navigate these options effectively and determine the best rate for your home and energy requirements, I invite you to visit our website at Our user-friendly rate calculator empowers you to make a well-informed decision that will contribute to long-term savings. We take pride in our ability to deliver reliable service and cost-effective solutions that put money back into your pockets.

As your dedicated energy advisor for 86 years and counting, we are steadfast in our commitment to ensuring that you do not spend a single dollar more on your summer power bills than necessary. In this edition, we have compiled helpful energy efficiency stories and tips (our summer DIY tips) that will help you maximize your savings. Be sure to stay connected with us on social media, as we will share a wealth of energy-saving tips throughout the summer.

At OEC, we take great care to deliver transparent and beneficial rate options while helping you conserve energy and save money. We pride ourselves on being your trusted energy partner while safely delivering highly reliable, affordable electricity and broadband services, innovative energy programs and exceptional member service.

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