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At our electric cooperative, we understand the importance of service in providing electricity and high-speed internet. and every aspect of our operations. Our commitment starts from the ground up, and I want to highlight the incredible work happening in our mechanics shop, which plays a critical role in ensuring our vehicles are always ready to serve our members.

Our shop team consists of highly trained and dedicated employees who keep our fleet of vehicles in top condition. These vehicles are the lifeline that allows our field employees to reach you, our members and subscribers, whether to restore power after an outage or perform regular maintenance. With this internal support, our ability to serve you effectively is protected.

The dedication of our shop team exemplifies our core value of service. They ensure that our vehicles, which cover millions of miles within our service territory, are always ready to go. This behind-the-scenes effort is crucial for our frontline employees to perform their duties efficiently and safely. Their work ensures that we can respond promptly to any service needs, reinforcing the reliability you expect from us. Read more on here.

Our focus on internal service extends beyond vehicle maintenance. It creates a foundation of support that empowers all our employees to provide the best service possible. This culture of caring for each other within the cooperative enables us to extend that care to you, our members.

This foundation of internal service is reflected in our broader community involvement. We are deeply committed to our communities, not just through reliable electric service but also through our volunteer efforts and community programs. Our participation in initiatives like the Special Olympics and Energy Camp highlights our dedication to making a positive impact beyond our primary services. Read more on Special Olmpics and Energy Camp.

Our cooperative is built on the principle of community service. We were founded to serve our communities, and this mission continues to drive us today. From maintaining our fleet to engaging in community programs, every effort stems from a grassroots commitment to service. This ensures that we are meeting your critical needs, like electricity and access to high-speed internet, and contributing to our community’s overall well-being.

In summary, our cooperative’s success in serving you starts from the bottom up. The dedication of our employees, like those in the shop, enables us to provide reliable service and be active, caring members of the community. We are proud of this commitment and remain dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all our members. Thank you for your continued support and trust in our cooperative.

A Special Week | OEC News

Multiple OEC employees joined the record number of co-op volunteers at the 2024 Special Olympics Summer Games in Stillwater, OK. Read on to find out more about their experience and how you can get involved.

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