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OEC's Proactive Strides in Preventing Winter Power Outages

Often, weather and storms during winter pose a challenge to the resilience of electric systems nationwide. At OEC, our diligent work in system reliability has equipped us to be more prepared than ever for whatever the season may bring. Our journey towards a more resilient electric grid, a mission termed “system hardening,” is not just a technical upgrade but a testament to our commitment to you, our members and subscribers. We are proud of the progress we’ve made in enhancing the reliability of our power supply.

A few years back, we embarked on a mission driven by technological advancements. Our engineering and operations teams, equipped with sophisticated tools, began to effectively track and identify the root causes of power outages. This initiative allowed us to map our electric system with unprecedented accuracy, highlighting circuits that needed our immediate attention.

System hardening, however, goes beyond mere identification. It’s a comprehensive strategy involving a complete overhaul of our infrastructure. This includes everything from upgrading the hardware to infusing cutting-edge technology into each feeder. Our approach is simple yet profound: prevention is better than cure.

You might have noticed our trucks and crews working diligently in your neighborhoods. They’re not just fixing the obvious issues but engaging in a myriad of preventive measures. From tree trimming, a crucial part of our maintenance, to continuous pole inspections, every step taken ensures your electric supply remains uninterrupted.

The results of these efforts have been encouraging. We’ve seen a significant reduction in outage times, a direct outcome of our proactive approach. Our strategy is dynamic, prioritizing areas with frequent issues and ensuring that once improved, they remain robust and reliable.

One aspect of our work that I find particularly important is our commitment to equal service. Regardless of whether a feeder is located in a remote area or closer to our offices, each receives the same level of attention and care. This is part of our mission to serve you better.

As we continue on this path of proactive reliability, I want you to know that every decision we make, every line we inspect and every tree we trim is with you in mind. We are not just supplying power; we are ensuring that your lives remain bright, safe and uninterrupted.

Your trust in us fuels our dedication to excel. We are grateful for your support and patience as we enhance our systems. Remember, we’re not just your electric cooperative; we’re your neighbors, friends and partners in this journey toward a more reliable future.

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