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OEC and NPS Create Solar Farm

Summarized by Brittnee McCabe, Marketing and Member Relations Intern It was a year we will never forget, but one I think we are all happy to put behind us. While 2020 brought its challenges, we are excited to turn the page and look ahead to

Concern for Community

Written by: Brittnee McCabe, Intern On our last podcast episode, Autumn McMahon was gifted with a first-time guest on The Current Buzz, Brianna Wall. Brianna is the Creative Director at OEC and has been working with OEC for the past 14 years. Brianna and Autumn

OEC Fiber: Meet (some of) the Team

Written by Brittnee McCabe On last week’s podcast, Autumn McMahon had the great opportunity to sit down (virtually) with a few members of our OEC Fiber Team. David Goodspeed, CEO of OEC Fiber, Creative Director Kayla Brandt, and Manager of Plant Construction Joe Torres spoke

Update 6/5/2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates: June 8, 2020 As we have responded to COVID-19, we have been ever-focused on our members’ needs. We have worked hard to ensure that you have access to reliable electricity without fear of financial hardship. As we move forward, we will be

EVs: Our Energy Expert’s Final Take

In closing, here are a few more thoughts I had while driving the EV car. One thing about the car that was noticeably different for me was the fact that the rearview mirror looks like it magnifies well. The cars in the mirror appear to

Electric Vehicles Recharge Themselves

If you are anything like me, then a top priority of car safety is the braking system. Many EVs have regenerative braking. You may be asking yourself, “what is regenerative braking?” It is a simple concept that allows the battery to gain a little extra

Electric Vehicles (EV): Rain or Shine

The last time I took out the EV, it was raining. I do not just mean a light drizzle; I was driving through a torrential rainstorm in Oklahoma City. The car’s performance in the rain was amazing. I never felt as if I couldn’t handle