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Become More Efficient

The first step to renewable energy is conserving the energy you have. Learn how we can help.

Know Your Home

Calculate the energy consumption of your home with our online tool.

Schedule a FREE Home Energy Assessment

Schedule a FREE Home Energy Assessment

Get the nitty gritty specifics of your energy use and leaks. Learn more and sign up here.

Talk to an Expert

Still unsure? Speak directly to our energy expert. Email Daniel or call him at (405)217-6631

DIY Energy Efficiency Tips

DIY Energy Efficiency Tips

Explore our Blog and Podcast for more pointers.


Find a Contractor

We have helpful tips and suggested questions from industry leaders.

OEC Solar Options

Learn about our solar calculator, Solar Garden and partnerships.


Learn how you can make money with your excess renewable energy systems.

Solar for Your Home

Learn more about your renewable energy options here.