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Author: OEC Member Relations

Electricity of the 21st Century: High-Speed Fiber Internet

You can’t tell the OEC Fiber story without telling the OEC story. In 1936 we built Oklahoma Electric Cooperative in “the middle of nowhere.” We brought power to rural areas when other utilities thought it was “too expensive”. Eighty-three years later,  we have become part of the 3rd largest

Top 5 Reasons Cooperatives Are Cool

There are many benefits to becoming a member of a cooperative. Norman, Oklahoma is the heart of Oklahoma Electric Cooperative (OEC). Not only does OEC have reliable and secure electricity, we also provide exceptional member service. Whether it is an ice storm outage or simple everyday

The dawn of OEC Fiber

Some of you may recall the day your home or farm received electricity for the very first time. Others no doubt have heard stories about how work was done before the lights came on. How life-changing that moment must have been: to finally experience a

Solar Garden Surpasses Expectations

Did you know as an OEC member, you have been capitalizing on the benefits of solar power for the past year without the drawbacks of actual solar panels on your home and without a subscription fee? You might be surprised to learn that data  collected

Lives on the line

Every year, we take the time to thank our extraordinary lineworkers who dedicate their lives to keeping the lights on in our local communities. Forty lineworkers maintain over 5,500 miles of line in OEC’s service territory, and without them, our world would be dark. We

Change Your Bulbs to Change Your Bills

Ever wondered why we recommend updating your light bulbs at home? Wonder no more! This week's #wattsupwednesday illustrates how LED bulbs use fewer kilowatts and save you money. We also discussed efficient shower heads. See all the tips here: More energy tips and advice today

Filter Savings Filter Savings

We are committed to finding ways to save you money and energy. Learn how to leverage your filters and vents to keep your home cool AND efficient. #wattsupwednesday As summer winds down, we have a few more #wattsupwednesday tips for you.Posted by Oklahoma Electric Cooperative

Full steam ahead for OEC Fiber

All summer, OEC Fiber networking and construction crews have been building a broadband network to bring you high-speed internet. You may have seen some crews working near your home or office making the magic happen. While there’s still a way to go, we’re getting closer

OEC helps fight hunger, feed hope

Fourteen OEC employees on Aug. 22 spent the afternoon volunteering at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma’s Moore Food and Resource Center as part of OEC Empowers, an internal initiative encouraging employees to give back to the communities we serve. “The Moore Food and Resource