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OEC sends five eighth graders to leadership camp

Five students represented OEC at this year’s Energy Camp, sponsored by Oklahoma’s electric cooperatives. LilyAnn Watters from Bridge Creek, McKenzie Lofland from Noble, Brecken Burson from Purcell, Grady Andrews from Purcell and Braidyn Tivis from Blanchard joined 75 of Oklahoma’s exceptional rising high schoolers who were selected by their sponsoring cooperatives to attend camp this year, which took place at Canyon Camp near Hinton, Oklahoma.

“This year’s camp was one of the best ever,” said Stacy Howeth, OAEC Director of Member Services and Energy Camp director. “We had a blast watching kids learn about cooperatives and make awesome memories.”

Through various activities at Energy Camp, campers gained a wealth of information about the cooperative business model, power source generation, electric safety, the history of Oklahoma’s electric cooperatives and new leadership and communications skills.

The campers experienced the cooperative business model firsthand by electing a board of directors who then interviewed and hired a camp manager. The elected directors and camp manager maintained leadership roles during camp operations.

Students participated in the OEC Live Line high-voltage demo. Daniel Lofland, OEC’s Energy Efficiency Solutions Specialist and former lineman, was joined by linemen Derek Lumm and Salvador Flores to give up-close instructions on how the power line system works.

“Thank you for showing us electric line safety,” said a camper. “This helped me visualize understand the dangers.”

Campers also played Co-opoly, a cooperative education board game that requires teamwork, analysis and decisionmaking.

Campers had a crash course on life skills such as budgeting, career options, working with people of different personality types, how to write and mail thank you notes and interview tips and tricks.

Additional camp activities included pole climbing, tabletop demonstrations, two renowned motivational speakers and an Energy Battle Tournament, a quiz bowl style trivia about electric cooperatives.

Energy Camp is coordinated by the Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives. Campers are selected and sponsored by Oklahoma’s rural electric cooperatives. Applications for the 2025 Energy Camp will go live in January at okcoop.org/energycamp

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A Special Week | OEC News

Multiple OEC employees joined the record number of co-op volunteers at the 2024 Special Olympics Summer Games in Stillwater, OK. Read on to find out more about their experience and how you can get involved.

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Driving Innovation | OEC News

Revolutionizing service from the shop floor

Oklahoma Electric Cooperative’s (OEC) fleet management team is redefining efficiency and reliability, ensuring every vehicle and piece of equipment supports its mission to better serve members and subscribers. Buddy Byrd, Fleet Coordinator, shares insights on how the shop has transformed over the years to keep the wheels of progress turning.

Buddy Byrd’s journey at OEC began over a decade ago. Starting in 2011, he moved from temp service worker to full-time employee by 2013. His 11-year tenure and current role as a fleet coordinator gave him a front-row seat to the dramatic changes in fleet management at OEC.

The sense of camaraderie and support at OEC plays a significant role in Byrd’s commitment to his work. The relationships built in the shop foster a sense of accountability and dedication, ensuring every task is done meticulously.

“When you know and trust the person next to you, it translates into higher- quality work,” Byrd said. “We treat equipment and vehicles as if they belong to our own families, ensuring they are safe and will reliably bring those guys home.”

This supportive atmosphere extends beyond the shop, influencing how the team approaches their work and service to OEC members and subscribers. “The relationships we’ve built with our outside guys really improve communication between teams,” Byrd said.

Fleet management at OEC has seen significant advancements since Byrd joined. “When I started, everything was manual; we still used Excel spreadsheets for inventory,” Byrd said. The transition to digital systems revolutionized operations.

Fleetio—project management software that allows crews to continually monitor vehicles, equipment and parts inventory, among other things—was implemented in 2018. It plays a crucial role in maintaining vehicle health and streamlining processes such as Department of Transportation (DOT) inspections, tracking oil changes and tire and engine mileage, and conducting pre- trip checks.

These upgrades streamlined processes and increased the crew’s ability to resolve issues with co-op vehicles efficiently. “Using Fleetio means we get notified immediately if there’s an issue,” Byrd said. “It ensures vehicles are safe and ready for the road, minimizing downtime.”

With Fleetio, work is scheduled and completed at a pace that allows crews to get repairs without moving into a spare truck. The reduced downtime means fewer hours for vehicles in the shop, and more time for lineworkers and fiber technicians in the field and increased productivity.

“If a digger truck, essential for installing large transformers or poles, is out of service, work cannot proceed or becomes extremely labor-intensive,” said Joe Tarp, Manager of Overhead Construction and Fleet. “Maintaining our current fleet of trucks and equipment is vital for daily operations.”

Implementing dual cranes in the shop has been a game-changer for safety. “We used to use a single crane and a forklift,” Byrd said. “Now, with two cranes, we can handle heavy equipment more safely and efficiently.”

Byrd emphasizes that these improvements are about making the job easier and ensuring the safety of the linemen and fiber technician crews.

“Our goal is to make sure the guys are operating safe vehicles. It’s not just about their safety but everyone on the road,” Byrd said.

The advancements in fleet management at OEC result from a collaborative effort. “It’s 100% a team effort,” Byrd said. “Chris, Kyle and I sat down to figure out what we needed to be more efficient, and our management teams have been highly supportive.”

Tarp, who oversees the shop operations, had a direct hand in getting the crew what was needed.

“The men working in the shop are extremely important to OEC and OEC Fiber, and we’re happy to support their efforts to expand the ability of our department,” Tarp said. “Their skills allow us to perform most all work in-house without taking vehicles and equipment to repair shops.”

The shop team’s dedication often extends beyond the campus. During storms or emergencies, they are ready to go into the field to help their colleagues.

“We get calls about flat tires or damaged equipment, and sometimes we have to head out and make repairs on- site,” Byrd said.

This readiness to assist on the ground ensures that the field crews can continue their work with minimal interruption.

The shop’s improvements have had a tangible impact on OEC’s overall operations. “We’re probably a hundred times more efficient than we were before,” Byrd said. This efficiency improves service for members and subscribers, as vehicles are kept in top condition and downtime is minimized.

Jake Calvert, an OEC district lineman for 17 years, has witnessed the benefits firsthand. “The improved efficiency of our shop to us means quality, permanent repairs and less time waiting for the right parts to keep the fleet up to OEC standards,” Calvert said. “Management and our board have been very willing to provide great equipment, a great group of mechanics and a top-notch facility to keep our linemen in the field and give our members and subscribers the service they have come to expect.”

Byrd and the crew are not relaxing their efforts. “We’re looking to upgrade our oil system and get a new service truck,” Byrd said. “These improvements will continue to enhance the efficiency and reliability of OEC’s fleet.”

For Byrd, the concept of service is personal. “Service means providing something reliable and safe,” Byrd said. “My goal every day is to make sure our guys can go out, do their job, and come home safely to their families.”

A commitment to OEC’s members and subscribers is at the heart of all these efforts. “Everything we do is with the members’ money in mind,” Byrd said. “We make sure every expenditure is justified and that we’re getting the best value.” This conscientious approach ensures that OEC can continue to provide high-quality, reliable service to its members and subscribers.

The dedication and collaborative efforts of the entire fleet management department at OEC exemplify the cooperative’s mission to improve the quality of life for its members and subscribers through safe, reliable and innovative services. As OEC continues to evolve, the fleet management department’s commitment to excellence remains a cornerstone of its success.

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A Special Week | OEC News

Multiple OEC employees joined the record number of co-op volunteers at the 2024 Special Olympics Summer Games in Stillwater, OK. Read on to find out more about their experience and how you can get involved.

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A Special Week | OEC News

A group of OEC employees and board members volunteer at 2024 Special Olympics Summer Games

Volunteers from 23 Oklahoma electric co-ops came together in Stillwater in May to assist with the Special Olympics Summer Games. Five OEC representatives attended among the record 150 co-op volunteers in Stillwater.

Community Outreach Associate Carrie Koesler, Copywriter and Media Specialist Erin McKnight, Service Technician Shane Dominey, District 3 Trustee Debbie Frazier and District 7 Trustee Danny Watters joined other co-op employees and family members as they assisted with track and field events.

Four thousand athletes from across the state participated in the Summer Games. During the three-day event, athletes competed in track and field, bocce, bowling, golf, horseshoes, powerlifting, basketball and softball.

“This was my first Special Olympics as a co-op employee,” Koesler said. “Sharing the joy with these athletes and having the opportunity to celebrate with them has changed me for the better.”

Dominey echoed her comments. “It was a humbling experience to watch the athletes compete! I would recommend that everyone volunteer if they get the chance.”

In addition to OEC’s volunteers, the OEC Foundation, Inc. via the Operation Round Up® program donates funds to area Special Olympics teams each year. That funding is made possible by members who round up their monthly electric bills to the nearest dollar.

“I am so proud of these young people and their tenacity to overcome their obstacles and win,” said McKnight. “The high fives were endless, and the smiles and hugs were priceless. I will treasure each minute.”

A Special Week | OEC News

Multiple OEC employees joined the record number of co-op volunteers at the 2024 Special Olympics Summer Games in Stillwater, OK. Read on to find out more about their experience and how you can get involved.

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The ORU Report: July 24 | OEC News

OEC Foundation approves over $65,000 in grants for individuals, community organizations and families.

In June 2024, the OEC Foundation board of directors approved $65,789 in grants to various local organizations and families, marking a significant contribution to the community’s welfare. The lifeblood of this initiative is the thousands of members who voluntarily round up their electric bills to the nearest dollar. These funds fuel Operation Round Up (ORU), a noble program aimed at supporting deserving causes throughout the areas the cooperative serves.


Several organizations received significant grants:

  • The Foundation for OCCC received $2,500 for HiSET Vouchers.
  • Make-A-Wish Oklahoma was granted $10,000 for three wishes.
  • United Way of Norman received $10,000 for school supplies and backpacks.
  • Chickasha Police Department was allocated $4,000 for mental health services.
  • Oklahoma Project Woman INC garnered $7,500 for low-income breast preventative care.
  • Washington High School FCCLA received $2,000 for flights for four students to travel to a national leadership conference.
  • Mary Abbott Children’s House was granted $10,000 for training support facilitators, curriculum and crafts.
  • Noble Public Schools received $1,750 for LifeVac Travel Systems for buses.

On the individual front, grants totaling $6,600 provided essential support for various needs, such as vision care, medical equipment and household items. This funding aims to improve the quality of life for community members facing challenges.

With roughly 80% of members choosing to round up their bills, the cumulative yearly donation is an average of $6 per member. This seemingly small contribution has facilitated a variety of programs and causes over the years.

The nine OEC Foundation board directors meticulously review each application. The objective is to ensure that the funded projects and organizations leave a lasting positive impact on the community. OEC remains deeply committed to endorsing these invaluable initiatives. 5315301406

“These grants actively breathe life into communities, supporting individuals in challenging situations,” said Vickie Gray, OEC Foundation president. “The ripple effect of each donation, regardless of its size, is genuinely heartwarming to observe.”

Over its 27-year trajectory, ORU has disbursed over $5 million in grants to myriad local nonprofit entities, individuals and families. These establishments are pillars in their communities, offering essential services ranging from meals and clothing to holiday gifts.

However, the influence of ORU’s contributions is not restricted to the direct beneficiaries. By bolstering these organizations, ORU fortifies community unity and establishes robust support structures. This multiplier effect ensures that ORU’s efforts continue to foster resilient and interconnected communities.

For those needing assistance or interested in applying for ORU grants, the application process remains open and accessible. Applications received by July 15 will be reviewed at the August 1 meeting. For more information, individuals can contact Carrie Koesler at ORU@okcoop.org or call (405) 217-6726.

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A Special Week | OEC News

Multiple OEC employees joined the record number of co-op volunteers at the 2024 Special Olympics Summer Games in Stillwater, OK. Read on to find out more about their experience and how you can get involved.

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From the Top — July 2024 | OEC News

At our electric cooperative, we understand the importance of service in providing electricity and high-speed internet. and every aspect of our operations. Our commitment starts from the ground up, and I want to highlight the incredible work happening in our mechanics shop, which plays a critical role in ensuring our vehicles are always ready to serve our members.

Our shop team consists of highly trained and dedicated employees who keep our fleet of vehicles in top condition. These vehicles are the lifeline that allows our field employees to reach you, our members and subscribers, whether to restore power after an outage or perform regular maintenance. With this internal support, our ability to serve you effectively is protected.

The dedication of our shop team exemplifies our core value of service. They ensure that our vehicles, which cover millions of miles within our service territory, are always ready to go. This behind-the-scenes effort is crucial for our frontline employees to perform their duties efficiently and safely. Their work ensures that we can respond promptly to any service needs, reinforcing the reliability you expect from us. Read more on here.

Our focus on internal service extends beyond vehicle maintenance. It creates a foundation of support that empowers all our employees to provide the best service possible. This culture of caring for each other within the cooperative enables us to extend that care to you, our members.

This foundation of internal service is reflected in our broader community involvement. We are deeply committed to our communities, not just through reliable electric service but also through our volunteer efforts and community programs. Our participation in initiatives like the Special Olympics and Energy Camp highlights our dedication to making a positive impact beyond our primary services. Read more on Special Olmpics and Energy Camp.

Our cooperative is built on the principle of community service. We were founded to serve our communities, and this mission continues to drive us today. From maintaining our fleet to engaging in community programs, every effort stems from a grassroots commitment to service. This ensures that we are meeting your critical needs, like electricity and access to high-speed internet, and contributing to our community’s overall well-being.

In summary, our cooperative’s success in serving you starts from the bottom up. The dedication of our employees, like those in the shop, enables us to provide reliable service and be active, caring members of the community. We are proud of this commitment and remain dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all our members. Thank you for your continued support and trust in our cooperative.

A Special Week | OEC News

Multiple OEC employees joined the record number of co-op volunteers at the 2024 Special Olympics Summer Games in Stillwater, OK. Read on to find out more about their experience and how you can get involved.

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Beyond the Cable with David Goodspeed | OEC News

I am humbled and excited to announce that OEC Fiber recently received two outstanding service awards. Last month, 405 Magazine named us Best Internet Service Provider for the third year running. At the same time, Broadbandnow.com honored us with Top Ten Regional Providers for Fastest Real World Speeds in their 2024 Provider Awards.

These awards help us know we are on the right track regarding service and reliability. However, our subscribers’ experience and satisfaction are what matter the most. That gives the award from 405 Magazine a special place in my heart. Subscribers vote for this award. It means they enjoyed our service enough to stand up and say they would choose us over other providers. That gives the award a little more shine, but industry awards matter, too.

Recognition from Broadbandnow.com for our internet speed reinforces our commitment to service and support. It shows the importance of what we do. Our mission goes beyond connecting people to the internet. We strive to enhance the well-being of those in our communities by bringing them access to essential services like healthcare and virtual learning where they were previously in the ‘digital dark.’ In a recent survey, you confirmed we are heading in the right direction with our focus on service and commitment to reliability. 4009100205

In April, OEC conducted a member-wide survey. Thousands of OEC Fiber subscribers submitted rave reviews for our service. The ratings were so high that our Net Promoter Score (a term used to measure satisfaction) was a whopping 82! This is an incredible score, considering some internet service providers in our area have scores below zero.

As we expand our network, we are doubling down on our commitment to providing exceptional service. These awards and survey results tell the story of that commitment. Our board of directors and entire staff continually seek to improve our service to you and will continue to do so. You have our pledge to approach it with passion, dedication and an insatiable desire to raise the bar.

A Special Week | OEC News

Multiple OEC employees joined the record number of co-op volunteers at the 2024 Special Olympics Summer Games in Stillwater, OK. Read on to find out more about their experience and how you can get involved.

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One Tree At a Time | OEC News

Take Control of Your Energy Bills

Schedule Your Home Energy Audit Consultation

Start saving today!

Check out some quick tips to keep your bills low while temperatures are high.

Additional questions?

Contact our certified Energy Efficiency Solutions Specialist Daniel Lofland.

As one of only two certified Tree Line USA Utility electric cooperatives in Oklahoma, OEC partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation in April to give away 200 trees to members who signed up online. To date, OEC has given away more than 1,200 free trees.

Daniel Lofland, OEC’s energy efficiency & solutions specialist, organized the giveaway and stressed the importance of a strategically placed tree when it comes to saving energy and money and offered tips for anyone planting vegetation.

“First, look up. If there are overhead power lines where you are wanting to plant a tree that could grow to be 20 feet tall, plant it at least 10 feet away from that line,” he suggested. “Also, it is extremely important to call Okie to have all underground lines located before you plant a tree of any kind. Any costs from damage incurred without having lines located first are on the homeowner.”

The direction your home faces plays a critical role in deciding where to plant trees. In which rooms in your home do you spend most summer afternoons? Consider planting trees to shade those windows from the hot summer sun.

“Spring is a great time of year to plant trees,” Lofland said. “Be sure to survey your property and pinpoint which windows would benefit best from being shaded. Again, be sure to call Okie (811) to ensure you don’t hit a line when digging, and check one more time to make sure the tree won’t interfere with overhead power lines.”

The Energy-Saving Trees program is part of the Arbor Day Foundation’s Time for Trees initiative to plant 100 million trees in forests and communities around the globe and inspire 5 million tree planters to help carry the mission forward. For more information and a full tree planting guide, visit the tree trimming and vegetation management page at okcoop.org.

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A Special Week | OEC News

Multiple OEC employees joined the record number of co-op volunteers at the 2024 Special Olympics Summer Games in Stillwater, OK. Read on to find out more about their experience and how you can get involved.

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Energy Scams Unmasked | OEC News

Spot a scam with these help tips

Utility scams have long targeted consumers with water, gas and electricity connections. But in today’s digital world, every swipe and click increases the risk of potential scams.

Scammers are more sophisticated than ever, and they understand our increasing reliance on technology. With their sharpened digital knives, scammers have adapted their tactics to trick unsuspecting consumers through various methods.

OEC wants to help you avoid energy scams, whether a financial loss or leak of your personal information. This month, I’d like to share updates on the latest utility scams and tips to help you stay safe from even the craftiest scammers.


Scammers typically disguise themselves––either physically or digitally–– as utility employees or representatives to steal consumers’ money or personal information. A common trick is to claim a consumer’s bill is past due and threaten to disconnect service if payment isn’t received immediately. Scammers approach consumers through a variety of means, including phone calls, text messages, emails and even in-person visits. However, the digital line of attack is increasingly more common.

For example, new capabilities disguising caller ID or “spoofing” can make the phone number you see on caller ID appear to be from a trusted source. Spoofing makes it easier for scammers to deceive you because it’s more difficult to verify the call immediately. Another recent scam uses fraudulent websites that are identical to a utility payment webpage––and what’s worse, these pages are often promoted on search engines to trick consumers into clicking and making a payment.

Another recent scam involves phone calls, texts or emails claiming you overpaid your electric bill and will receive a cash or banking refund. This offer may seem too good to be true, and it is––it’s likely a scam aimed to steal your personal information.


There are several red flags you can look for to identify an energy scam.

Scammers often use high-pressure tactics to create a sense of urgency, like claiming your electricity or other services will be disconnected if a payment isn’t made immediately.

Additionally, scammers may ask for unusual payment methods such as gift cards or cryptocurrency. If someone pushes for an unusual payment method, it’s likely a scam.

You’ve probably noticed that many digital scams, such as emails or text messages, include poor grammar, spelling errors and odd email addresses. These are red flags, so when you see these dodgy forms of communication, consider it a potential scam.


OEC utilizes an automated outbound call system to notify members and subscribers of a delinquent account. We strive to resolve challenging situations and work with our members to avoid disconnects. We will never ask for your full Social Security number or banking details over the phone or through email.

We offer several secure payment options, including in-person, online at okcoop. smarthub.coop, the MyOEC app and local PAYSITE Kiosks located in nearby retail stores. If in doubt, hang up and call the member service department at (405) 321- 2024 to confirm your account balance.


Whether in person, over the phone or online, always be suspicious of an unknown individual claiming to be an OEC employee and requesting banking or other personal information.

If you’re ever in doubt about a potential energy scam, give us a quick call at (405) 321-2024 so we can assist. OEC wants to help protect you and our community against utility frauds, and by notifying us about potential scams, you can create the first line of defense. We encourage you to report any potential scams so we can spread the word and prevent others in our community from falling victim.

Fast Internet Fuels Energy Efficiency Revolution | OEC News

How high-speed connectivity drives innovative solutions for sustainable living

In an era where digital connectivity shapes the way we live and work, the symbiotic relationship between fast internet and energy efficiency is increasingly evident. From smart homes to industrial applications, the velocity of data transmission is proving to be a vital catalyst for reducing energy consumption and promoting sustainable practices.

Fast internet not only enables the seamless integration of smart devices and systems, it empowers consumers to monitor and manage their energy usage in real-time. Smart thermostats, for instance, can adjust temperatures based on occupancy patterns and external weather conditions, optimizing heating and cooling systems to minimize energy waste. This ability is only made possible with fast, reliable internet service. 0824101802

“As more and more of our members integrate internet-connected devices into their homes to aid in energy efficiency, it is more important than ever to ensure that investment isn’t wasted because of slow, unreliable internet service,” said OEC Energy Efficiency & Solutions Specialist Daniel Lofland.”


Did you know the fiber connection between OEC substations and smart grid equipment was one of the early benefits of launching OEC Fiber? Because high-speed internet enables us to efficiently distribute electricity, balance demand and integrate renewable energy sources, OEC can more accurately detect outages and implement demand-response programs — reducing peak loads and enhancing overall grid stability.

The advent of fast internet also drives innovation in sectors such as transportation and manufacturing. In the automotive industry, for instance, high-speed connectivity enables vehicle-to-grid (V2G) communication, allowing electric vehicles (EVs) to serve as mobile energy storage units. This bidirectional flow of electricity not only optimizes charging schedules but also facilitates grid stabilization and the integration of renewable energy sources.

Moreover, in manufacturing facilities, fast internet facilitates the implementation of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions, enabling predictive maintenance, energy-efficient production processes, and real-time monitoring of equipment performance. By harnessing data analytics and machine learning algorithms, manufacturers can identify inefficiencies and optimize energy usage, reducing operational costs for the end user.

“The launch of OEC Fiber has helped these efficiency trends reach our members more quickly than in the past,” Lofland said. “We are proud that our members can take advantage of our fast internet services and, in turn, use its capabilities to save energy and money.”


Beyond individual households and industries, fast internet also plays a pivotal role in fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing within communities. Through online platforms and virtual communication tools, members and subscribers can exchange best practices, collaborate on energy-saving initiatives, and collectively work towards a more sustainable future.

As those across our country and world grapple with the challenges of grid reliability and resource depletion, the synergy between fast internet and energy efficiency emerges as a beacon of hope. By harnessing the power of connectivity, individuals, businesses and communities can embark on a journey towards a more sustainable and resilient future. In this digital age, speed not only defines how fast we access information but also how effectively we manage our resources for generations to come.

Visit OECFiber. com to start your journey to fast internet and energy efficiency, and visit okcoop.org/HECP for more energy-saving tips and tricks.

Wired Up for Safety | OEC News

OEC’s touch-a-truck event emphasizes public and electrical safety

The recent “Wired Up for Safety” event, hosted by Oklahoma Electric Cooperative (OEC) on May 18, drew a large crowd, underscoring the community’s commitment to public safety and electrical awareness. The touch-a-truck event at McFarlin United Methodist’s west parking lot featured high-voltage demonstrations and showcased various public safety vehicles and equipment.

OEC collaborated with several local first responders, including the Norman Fire Department, EMSSTAT and the Norman Police Department’s SWAT and bomb squad, to provide an engaging and educational experience. Attendees had the opportunity to witness OEC’s Live Line, explore a fire truck and ambulance, and check out drones and robots.

“The event was a wonderful opportunity for families to come together and learn about safety in a fun, interactive way,” said Daniel Lofland, OEC energy efficiency & solutions specialist. “We love to see such a great turnout and enthusiastic participation from the community.”

“Getting to do the Live Line demonstrations is always special,” said Nathan Heft, an OEC lineworker crew foreman. “It’s a unique opportunity to teach essential safety practices in a way that really resonates with kids.”

OEC’s long-standing commitment to safety is reflected in its Live Line demonstrations. This educational program is designed for all age groups, from elementary school students to professional first responders. The interactive sessions cover the basics of electricity, voltage, power line design and safety protocols for dealing with dangerous electrical situations. With a fully functional and engaging trailer, the demonstrations include electrical arcs and a hot dog demonstration to show the effects of electrical currents. Learn more and reserve the Live Line at. okcoop.org/liveline.

Oklahoma Electric Cooperative, the state’s largest member-owned electric cooperative, serves over 62,000 accounts with electricity and provides broadband services to over 38,000 subscribers through OEC Fiber. Covering approximately 2,200 square miles in seven central Oklahoma counties, OEC continues to prioritize safety and service excellence.

For more information about Oklahoma Electric Cooperative and its services, visit okcoop.org and OECFiber.com.

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