As Summer Peak Times Loom; OEC and OEC Fiber Unveil Automatic Outage Restoration

NORMAN, OKLAHOMA, May 23, 2022 — Oklahoma Electric Cooperative (OEC) and OEC Fiber are pleased to announce the implementation of the Adaptively Controlled Electric System (ACES) Project. This innovative step toward a self-healing grid employs a group of automatic switches to isolate power outages and redirect electricity, creating a more reliable electric system for OEC’s 45,000 consumer-members.

A multi-year project, ACES is now in the pilot phase, where it has already impacted members by preventing more than 63,000 minutes of outage time. Already the most reliable electric provider among the seven counties it serves, OEC is again revolutionizing the way it provides power to its members.

OEC is now equipped to utilize the lightning-fast communication technology of fiber to better control its infrastructure. The speed and reliability of the fiber itself allows devices to remain in constant communication to prevent outages before they start by using a series of automated switches to isolate the outage and redirect the flow of power to restore service. This way, less members are impacted and line crews are more quickly able to identify the cause of the outage and make necessary repairs.

“The creation of OEC Fiber has brought connectivity to the middle of Oklahoma that wasn’t there before,” said OEC Manager of System Engineering Nick Shumaker. “We now have instant communication with all devices in the field by utilizing fiber, which is how we communicate to all of them in 1/1000 of a second to get up-to-the-minute data and get people’s power back online.”

Oklahoma Electric Cooperative is the state’s largest member-owned electric cooperative and provides electricity to over 45,000 members and 62,000 accounts in seven central Oklahoma counties. The service area includes approximately 5,700 miles of line in over 2,200 square miles. To find out more about OEC, visit  OEC Fiber is a subsidiary of OEC run by employees who embody the same attitude and spirit of OEC you know and trust. Our expert partners, Trans-Tel, Conexon, Calix, and Momentum, not only bring decades of experience, but are dedicated to the subscribers we serve. Learn more at


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