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Adapting to challenges, OEC transformed this year’s annual meeting, setting a new attendance record and heightening member engagement with exciting prizes and convenient features.

For members who have been a part of Oklahoma Electric Cooperative’s Annual Meetings in the past, this year’s event was an entirely new and exciting experience. With construction underway inside the University of Oklahoma’s Lloyd Noble Center (LNC), OEC adapted to the challenge by hosting its first-ever Drive-Thru Annual Meeting in the LNC’s parking lot on Friday, Sept. 15.

Attendance exceeded expectations, with over 3,300 members and their guests coming together for this innovative event. Previously, our record high attendance was 2,800 members. We are thrilled so many members took an active part in their cooperative by attending the Annual Meeting. Members who attended were not only greeted with enthusiasm but also received a generous $30 bill credit, signifying a $10 increase from the previous year.

The hallmark of this unique meeting was convenience. OEC staff efficiently registered attendees from the comfort of their vehicles, guided by clearly marked signs and welcoming faces. As has been the tradition, members also left with a complimentary bag filled with a variety of free OEC and OEC Fiber items, showcasing OEC’s commitment to member appreciation.

The excitement didn’t stop there. Attendees had the opportunity to become lucky prize winners, including two fortunate recipients of $1,000 grand prizes, adding an extra layer of thrill to the evening.

The business meeting was expertly conducted via OEC’s YouTube channel, ensuring members could stay informed and participate seamlessly from their vehicles. The eagerly awaited grand prize drawings marked the culmination of the live stream.

“Our first-ever Drive-Thru Annual Meeting exceeded our expectations,” said Brianna Wall, OEC’s manager of marketing and member relations. “It’s truly heartwarming to see our members embrace innovation, and we’re committed to continuing to provide exceptional experiences in the future.”

As OEC reflects on this inaugural Drive-Thru Annual Meeting, the cooperative extends its heartfelt gratitude to all who attended, making this unique event a triumph.

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