Reduce Energy Costs at Home

OEC provides a plethora of energy solutions to help our members control their energy costs

As an electricity provider, it might seem counterintuitive that we encourage members to use less of the service we provide. However, as a local cooperative, we strive to improve our members’ quality of life in several ways. Providing innovative energy programs — thus, keeping money in your pocket — is one of the ways we are here to serve you.

What Does the Home Energy Consultation Program Offer?

A home energy efficiency expert from Precise Building Performance conducts a whole-home energy audit. The audit tests your home’s ability to seal in heat and air, checks for potential duct leakage and ensures an adequate amount of attic insulation. Members will receive a detailed report on site along with information on steps they can take to expand their home’s efficiency and savings.

Who is Eligible to Participate in the Program?

The Home Energy Efficiency Program is available only to residential members living in single-family houses and larger. However, members living in mobile homes are welcome to enroll and will receive helpful resources including specific ways they can cut energy costs.

When and How do I Enroll?

Click here to complete the form and a member of Precise Building Performance will contact you to schedule your audit.

For more information, contact Daniel Lofland, energy efficiency and solutions specialist, at 405-217-6631 or

Our free Home Energy Profile tool helps you identify areas of energy savings by creating your home’s profile. Simply input your appliance and lighting information and you’ll receive an analysis of energy saving potential!

OEC is proud to offer our members a simplified rebate structure that offers compelling rebates for components, products, and energy-efficient design. Whether you’re upgrading your home’s HVAC, installing an at-home EV charger, or simply upgrading to a new programmable thermostat, we have a rebate for you! Check them out and submit a rebate application here.

We know that electric rates can be complex, as a number of factors affect the cost of electricity, so we offer residential electric members several options. Whether you value simplicity or would like the ability to more closely control your energy costs, we have a rate that’s perfect for you. 

  • Standard Residential Rate: This rate is perfect for members who like simplicity and convenience and who use an average of 1,600 or more kWhs per month.
  • Time of Use Rate: This rate is perfect for energy savers who are willing to modify behavior to maximize savings.
  • EV/Overnight Savers Rate: This rate is perfect for electric vehicle (EV) owners and those willing to divert energy consumption to evening and overnight hours.

Our specially-designed Rate Calculator uses custom usage and billing data to determine which rate is best for you! Check it out here.

The Current Buzz Podcast

Our podcast, The Current Buzz, features additional ways you can save on energy costs. Our Energy Efficiency Solutions Specialist, Daniel Lofland, is a BPI-certified home efficiency expert and often shares tips to make your home an efficient user of electricity.

Energy Efficiency Articles

We often publish energy efficiency articles in our monthly Co-op News magazine. Explore our latest content below and subscribe to our digital monthly e-newsletter here for more energy-saving tips.

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Energy Savings Guide

How energy efficient can you make your home? Take these simple, cost-effective steps to begin saving on your energy bills today.

Winter Efficiency Checklist

The following tips will save money and energy while staying comfortable during the cool fall and cold winter months.

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